Brunch at The Set Bar, Brighton

Brunch at The Set Bar, Brighton

The Set Café has had a little revamp, and rebranded into The Set Bar. One morning over the Easter break, Josh and I popped in to check out what had changed and to stuff our faces.

The Set Bar

The Set are known for their excellent evening dining experience, so standards are set high for their day time offering. The Set Bar have launched a brunch menu, alongside an all day tapas style lunch menu.

Pricing is very reasonable, with a Full English being £9 – the standard for a good quality brekkie in Brighton. There’s a good mixture of classics like bacon rolls and porridge, alongside unique dishes like the baked duck egg and pork on toast.

They also offer a good mix of vegetarian options, although it would be helpful if they labelled each meal for people with dietary requirements (GF/V/VG).


At The Set Bar, you can get a variety of breakfast cocktails from a Bloody Mary to an Irish Coffee. Perfect if you need to rid yourself from your hangover!

If you’re looking for something on the softer side, the offer a selection of coffees, teas and juices, all at standard prices. Josh opted for an orange juice and I had a decaf latte.

The mug the latte came in was a bit smaller than your usual latte sizes, and the coffee was a bit burnt which was disappointing.


We had difficulty deciding what to eat, as there are so many tempting items on the menu. In the end, Josh went for the Full English – as he knows it’s something he’s gonna like.

The presentation of the plate was slightly odd. Most of the breakfast came hidden underneath the sourdough toast. We’d much prefer everything to come out on the plate where we can see it!

The sausage was thick and juicy, obviously of good quality. The bacon was streaky and crispy, just how Josh likes it. The black pudding was crumbly and full of flavour, but the eggs were slightly underdone. The whites around the yolk hadn’t quite cooked through, although the yolks themselves were lovely and runny. Judging by how bright the yolks are, these are obviously of good quality too. We’d prefer it if we had a choice of how the eggs were cooked though (fried/scrambled/poached).

The bread is from Flintowl Bakery, which does (in our opinion) the best bread in Brighton.

It’s debatable whether you can call this a Full English. It’s lacking beans (my favourite element of any breakfast) and if they didn’t want to go Heinz, some homemade ones would go down a treat. There’s also no tomato, which is also a regular attendee at a Full English. For £9, I do think it needs these two additions, or else don’t call it a Full English!

I went for one of the vegetarian options of bubble & squeak with fried egg, oyster mushrooms and marmite hollandaise (£8).

The oyster mushrooms were cooked perfectly crispy, seasoned with lots of flavour. My egg was cooked through, but still had a lovely runny yolk. The bubble & squeak was a great base for the dish and was seasoned really well, but the marmite hollandaise was the star of the show. I wasn’t expecting to get much marmite through, but it really packs a punch and brings the whole dish to life.

Customer Service

The customer service was fantastic throughout our whole morning at The Set Bar. The staff are always friendly and welcoming, happy to make sure you’re comfortable during your visit.

Overall Impression

The food was good, there’s no doubt about it, but it felt like there was something lacking from the overall experience. I think, because The Set deliver such an amazing experience in the evening, The Set Bar has some high expectations to meet.

I’d love to see them list where their ingredients are from, if they use local suppliers. The bread is from Flint Owl, but I’d love to see on the menu if their meat and eggs are also local.

It’s still early days for The Set Bar so we’re excited to see what they’ll be coming up with going forward. We’d definitely go back and we’re looking forward to trying some of their tapas style menu soon!


*We were invited to review The Set Bar, but as always all opinions and words are our own*