Cooking with The Kari Club | Review

Cooking with The Kari Club | Review

In Brighton we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to eating out. The foodie scene just keeps getting better and better, something Josh and I love to take advantage of.

Our bank accounts on the other hand, aren’t enjoying things quite so much. All that eating out gets expensive!

In comes The Kari Club, just launched by Minesh Agnihotr, which is the UK’s first Indian recipe box. The Kari Club is here to help us save pennies without having to compromise on the delicious food.

About The Kari Club

Minesh is the founder of the award winning Indian restaurant, Indian Summer and now he’s launched The Kari Club to teach foodies how to cook his delicious dishes in the comfort of their own home.

The subscription box works like most, you sign up and let them know how many people you’re cooking for, and get ingredients for a different recipe delivered to your door each month.

You can choose boxes for 1, 2, or 4 people and the price per box varies from £20 to £40.

April’s Box 

For April, you’ll get to try your hand at making Baingan Bharta, which is a vegetarian dish of smoked aubergine. One Sunday afternoon we decided to swap our usual routine of cooking a roast, and had a go at making this instead!

The fresh ingredients come loose in the box, to reduce packaging waste, and a lot of the remaining packaging can be recycled. It’s great to see more companies taking the initiative to be more environmentally friendly.

All of the ingredients are labelled clearly, so there’s no confusion when it comes to cooking your meal. The recipe card is easy to follow, and there’s even video tutorials that you can watch before you get started.

Minesh recommends you watch the videos and have a good read of the recipe card before getting started – there’s a lot to cook and it’ll take you between 1-1.5 hours so it’s best to know what you’re doing before you start!

The Recipes

Along with our Baingan Bharta, we were also tasked with making chapattis, onion pea pulao rice and parsnip thoran. We’ve never made chapattis from scratch before, and I’d never even heard of parsnip thoran. We served the meal with The Kari Clubs homemade lemon and green chilli pickle, and boy does it have a kick!

How we got along

Admittedly, we did things slightly differently to how Minesh explains in his recipe card. Not massively so, but we decided to prep everything for each dish before we started cooking anything. Apart from that, we followed his instructions to the letter and everything went perfectly.

The Main Event 

Baingan Bharta is a South Asian dish, originally from Punjab, and is kind of like a baba ganoush.

We got the Baingan Bharta on first and then when it was ready we just kept it on a low heat whilst everything cooked. You coat the aubergine in a smoking oil and roast it, before peeling and mashing and adding to the mix.

We’re actually not huge fans of aubergine, but roasted with the smoking oil and combined with all the flavours of the dish it was actually really tasty! The dish had a bit of a kick to it, but as long as you can handle a bit of heat, you’ll enjoy it.

We love anything that gets us to try things we don’t normally like and seeing it in a new light – so this was a win before we even tried anything else.

The Sides

Minesh recommends you wash the rice in a bowl 5 or 6 times before you cook it. This seemed absolutely absurd to me! We cook rice often and we usually just give it a rinse in the colander under the tap before putting it on to boil. But who was I to doubt a chef like Minesh?! Turns out, it’s 100% worth the effort. We’ve never had such fluffy and flavoursome rice so we’ll be doing this from now on.

Josh was put in charge of making the chapattis. Turns out they’re really simple to make and it took him no more than 5 mins to make four delicious chapattis, these were one of the highlights of the whole meal.

The parsnip thoran was a new experience for us too, it’s parsnip grated and fried with fresh spices, and it was so delicious. It’s something we’ll be doing every time we cook a curry from now on!

Final Thoughts

We both really enjoyed cooking with The Kari Club, it was nice to be pushed out of our comfort zone to try something new. The recipe card was easy to follow, and although the whole meal does take longer than your average meal, the end result is definitely worth the effort.

You could easily use The Kari Club to cook a meal for your friends that’s bound to impress, or you can just order a box for yourself when you fancy a challenge!


*We were sent a subscription box to review, but all words and opinions are our own and haven’t been influenced.”