Review: Pizza Hut, Brighton Marina

Review: Pizza Hut, Brighton Marina

Pizza Hut conjures up memories of being a kid and the absolute delight I would get, after sitting down, being told by my parents that I, a 6 year old, can go and get my own salad from the salad bar. Being able to go grab my bowl, choose whatever I wanted from the unlimited salad bar and take it back to my table made me feel like such a grown up.

Am I alone in that?

To be honest with you, I haven’t been to a Pizza Hut restaurant in years. I’ve ordered from their takeaways but we’ve never thought to go to their restaurants. For us, pizza is about ordering in and slobbing out on the sofa with enough pizza to feed a family of 5.

Pizza Hut, Brighton Marina

We have a couple of Pizza Hut restaurants in Brighton to choose from. There’s one in the city centre and then another down at Brighton Marina. We decided to make a day of it and head down to Brighton Marina, so we could also see a movie and do some bowling!

We ended up visiting twice, as the first time we went they were having some problems with their kitchen. Half their staff didn’t come in due to illness (back when everyone was coming down with Australian flu) and they were quite a few Servers short. We didn’t feel it was fair to judge them on that, every restaurant has bad days, so we came back a second time and everything was back to normal!


Josh and I don’t drink alcohol very often, so it’s lucky for us that Pizza Hut is so kid-friendly. It means there are plenty of options for us to choose from. Josh went for the bottomless soft drink, you just go and choose whatever you want from the machine, and I had their mango sorbet slush.

The mango slush was fine, but tasted a little too watered down as I wasn’t getting much mango flavour through.

One thing to note is that they don’t actually serve all of the drinks on their menu at the Brighton Marina location. They have two cream soda drinks that we were going to try but we were told they don’t do those.


They do a great deal of three starters for £11.99 which we have done both times we visited. We’ve now tried most of the starters on the menu (only one meat one) so here are our thoughts…

Jalapeño poppers, filled with a creamy cheese, sadly pretty bland. We were not a fan of these and they went uneaten.

Cheese and onion bites. I loved these and ordered them both times! Little balls of cheesy goodness.

Breaded chicken bites – these are like larger versions of KFC popcorn chicken. Really moist meat and the batter wasn’t oily at all.

Cheesy garlic bread – possibly the best starter! This might actually be my all time favourite garlic bread, I really like how the bread is soft (I hate crunchiness) and there is lots of cheese.

Vegetarian Pizzas

We’ve tried a few of the pizzas at Pizza Hut now and we both have our favourites. They have a good selection of meat and veggie options and you can swap your base for a GF base or swap the cheese for vegan cheese. The only issue I have with this is that both of the swaps come at an additional charge, which I don’t think is very fair.

We’ll start off with the veggie pizzas. I’ve tried two now and both were quite good. On our first visit I had the ‘Heavenly Veg’ on a deep pan base which comes with goats cheese, black olives, cherry tomatoes, caramelised red onion and rocket.

The black olives tasted quite cheap and you couldn’t tell that the red onion was caramelised, but putting that aside it was still a pretty good pizza. However, it did make me realise that I do not like deep pan. I thought I did, but apparently not!

Second time around I learnt from my mistakes and went for an All American Thin crust and the ‘Veggie’ pizza. It came with spinach, sweetcorn, pepper, red onions and mushroom. Overall, I preferred this pizza over the Heavenly Veg.

Meat Pizzas

Josh went meaty with his pizza choices on both visits, and he upgraded his crust to a cheese stuffed crust on both times. Both pizzas were really good! He had the Pepperoni and the Meat Feast – which comes with chicken, pepperoni, ham and beef. They both defeated him though and he brought his leftovers home in a box to eat the next day.


My eyes was drawn immediately to the cookie dough sharer dessert on the menu as soon as we sat down. I was thinking about it non-stop throughout dinner.

You get a massive plate filled with warmed cookie dough, topped with ice cream and you can choose between salted caramel or chocolate sauce (or both!). We barely managed a quarter of it, but it was so so good. I mean, just look at it!

Customer Service

One thing that really stood out on both of our visits to Pizza Hut, Brighton Marina was the customer service. Lot’s of chains out there, especially long standing ones like Pizza Hut, feel lifeless. The customer service really made sure that wasn’t the case here.

Even when under pressure, with a restaurant full of screaming kids and kitchen staff falling ill, our servers were friendly and professional. They made proper conversation with us, remembered us when we returned the second time and always did everything with a smile. Honestly, the service was better than I’ve had in a lot of Brighton Independants!


Good pizza, low prices and perfect for a family meal – especially if you have kids with you!


*We were given gift vouchers to spend at Pizza Hut Restaurants, but as always, the words and opinions are our own*