Happy Birthday Jess & Josh Cook!

Happy Birthday Jess & Josh Cook!

I’m a bit late uploading this, but Jess & Josh Cook has just turned 2 years old! Our first post was back on Thanksgiving 2015. A lot has changed since then, including educating ourselves on the history of Thanksgiving and never celebrating it again.

We started out with just a little Instagram which I started in the summer of 2015 because I thought people on my Instagram would get annoyed with me posting food photos all the time. Then someone said we should share our recipes online and that’s when Jess & Josh Cook was born.

Since then we have had countless memorable moments, here are our highlights from the past year of Jess & Josh Cook.

Isaac @

Isaac At pre starter

Being invited to review Isaac@ not once, but twice. This little restaurant has soared up our Best Restaurants in Brighton list and we love how dedicated the team are. Knowing they respect us enough to invite us to review their delicious food is such a compliment.

Our seaside trip to Newquay

Being invited to review a hotel is just the ultimate blogging dream right? We love to travel when we can, so to be invited to review a Travelodge in Cornwall, with travel included was pretty special. Especially as it came right when we needed a break, but couldn’t afford to go.

Brighton’s Best Restaurant Awards

I remember the year before wishing that one day I’d be invited to Brighton’s Best Restaurant Awards one day. This year we were, and we were able to help judge the thing!

The Bloggers Blog Awards

How could I end the post without mentioning the Bloggers Blog Awards? I know everyone says this, but I was honestly so shocked that we were shortlisted for Best Food Blog. It means so much that people voted for us!

These are probably the biggest highlights for the year, but hopefully there will be more to come.

Thank you to everyone who reads this silly little blog, and supports us by liking, sharing, reading commenting on our posts! Here’s to another year.