Review: Semola, Italian Restaurant | Hove

Review: Semola, Italian Restaurant | Hove

Signs for the new Italian restaurant Semola popped up on Church Road a few weeks back. Located at the top of our road, we were immediately interested. If this place impressed us we’d be collecting authentic Italian food on our way back from work all the time!

Semola is owned by Salvatore Tombola who owns the restaurant with his girlfriend Frederika and Daniela, her mother. The premise of Semola is to bring a new and different taste of pasta to the city.

They make fresh pasta every day, using locally sourced ingredients, so their menu changes daily. All of their sauces are also made from scratch and you can watch them cooking in the open kitchen to the back of the restaurant.

We were invited down to review so we made a reservation for a Friday night and headed down. It took us less than 3 mins to get there, which is a massive plus in our eyes.


Semola Open Kitchen

We both loved the uniqueness of Semola’s interior. The feature bright blue wall has two quotes on (see above) and we loved watching the chefs cook in the open kitchen.


Semola have a small wine list available but all of the wines offered are organic. Josh went for a red and I went for a white, both priced around the £5 mark which is really reasonable!


As mentioned above, their menu changes daily, so what we ordered might not be on the menu if you visit. That’s all part of the fun though! It also means you can go back over and over again and not get bored of the menu.

Josh ordered the curry maccheroni (£9) which was a Chef’s Suggestion on the menu. The dish came with chicken and a creamy, chilli and garlic sauce. The pasta itself had been seasoned with curry powders which gave the whole dish the curry flavours – it was amazing! We often make fusion dishes but would never have thought to season the pasta itself with curry, we’d normally just make the sauce with curry seasonings.

Josh’s only complaint was the portion size as he would prefer a little more pasta, but then again, our portion sizes at home are probably too big!

My dish was also a Chef Suggestion, the spinach and ricotta ravioli. This is one of my all time favourite Italian flavour combinations. The pasta was cooked perfectly, the ravioli’s had been filled with just the right about of filling and the flavour was spot on. It was one of those dishes that you just don’t want to end.


We decided to order both desserts on the menu. Josh went for the tiramisu because I don’t like coffee flavoured things – even though I’m a coffee addict!

The portion size was massive, you definitely have to be hungry to eat all of this. The best part was the alcohol soaked ladyfingers, some places overdo it and the alcohol is too powerful but it was spot on at Semola.

I had the panna cotta which you can have with any of the three sauces on offer: chocolate ganache, strawberry coulis or forest fruit coulis. I couldn’t choose between the three so they very kindly gave me a pot of each! The chocolate ganache was slightly too bitter but the forest fruits were amazing!

Customer Service

The service we experienced that evening was faultless. The team really seem like a little family and this comes across and makes you feel at home.


We’ll definitely be heading back to Semola. The fresh pasta is incredible and we’ve decided it’s going to be our new takeaway when we can’t be bothered to cook anything! The team have a real passion for cooking authentic Italian food and it’s definitely worth a visit.


*We were offered a free meal in exchange for an honest review but as always, all views are our own and not influenced by free food!*