Review: Breakfast at Côte Brasserie | Reading

Review: Breakfast at Côte Brasserie | Reading

We don’t tend to visit chain restaurants when we’re in Brighton. There are so many great independents in the city that there’s no real need to visit a chain.

However, when we were looking for somewhere to have breakfast after Reading Festival on a Sunday morning, we were drawn to Côte Brasserie. I’ve heard good things about their breakfast, and their venue in Reading has outdoor seating overlooking the river. So we made the most of the sunny day and sat down to have breakfast alfresco style.


We spied a deal on their breakfast menu called Formule, which gives you any cooked breakfast with a hot drink and juice for £9.95. We both thought this was a really good deal as we probably would have ordered all of that anyway!


cote brasserie latte

I (obviously) ordered a coffee and Josh went for a hot chocolate – Parisian style! The latte was really good, which I am always surprised about in chain restaurants. The hot chocolate was pretty standard but what more can you expect?

We ordered orange and apple juice, both very nice and fresh. The orange juice had obviously been freshly squeezed and the apple juice was cloudy which is my favourite kind.

They also brought us a bottle of filtered water, free of charge, to the table. Another nice twist on the usual jug of tap water you would normally get for free.


Josh decided to change up his usual routine of ordering a Full English and he went for the French Breakfast. With the French Breakfast you get two scrambled eggs, boudin noir, streaky bacon, mushroom and fried brioche bread.

One of the things that intrigued us was what the hell is boudin noir? Turns out it’s a type of french sausage and it tasted and looked a lot like black pudding. So if you like black pudding definitely order this!

Everything had been seasoned with chives and black pepper – Josh would have it no other way – and the bacon was perfectly crisp. Another winner for Josh as he hates back bacon. The scrambled eggs were really fluffy too!

I also skipped my usual of a Veggie Breakfast and went for the Full English. However, the Veggie Breakfast is one of the best I’ve ever seen on a menu – you get avocado AND eggs Benedict AND vegetarian sausage – but sadly I don’t like eggs Benedict.

Can you legally call a fry up a Full English Breakfast if it doesn’t have beans, hash browns or black pudding? I don’t think so. A fry up needs beans!

Regardless, it was a very good fry up. I can’t fault any of the food that was on the plate. The mushrooms were seasoned generously with chives, the sausage juicy, the fat was rendered off the bacon, tomatoes baked to retain all their juices and both eggs were cooked perfectly. No burnt crispy bits and two runny yolks.

You also get a side of toast and butter, and the butter had come already soft which I love. Ain’t nobody got time for rock hard butter.

Customer Service

The service was faultless. Our waiter was friendly and made us laugh and feel comfortable. We never waited for longer than a few minutes for him to come over if we needed him and our food came out at just the right time. Not too quickly that it’s suspicious or too long that you wonder if they’re laying the eggs themselves.


We were very pleasantly surprised about our breakfast at Côte Brasserie. For a chain, they’ve completely nailed it. The ingredients were of obviously good quality and you really can’t beat it on price.

We’ve decided we’ll definitely give the venue in Brighton a go to see if they match up to the Reading location!