Our stay at Best Western Reading Moat House

Our stay at Best Western Reading Moat House

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know we went to Reading Festival this weekend. P.S – I’m very sorry about my incredibly bad rapping at the top of my voice. Eminem does that to me.

When booking tickets we had the dilemma of whether to get the last train back to Brighton or find somewhere to stay nearby. Getting the last train back would have meant missing half of Eminem’s set – which really wasn’t an option – so we decided to look at local hotels.

I’m always super organised with trips away so started looking at hotels as soon as Reading Festival tickets came out and I was so naive to think we’d be able to get a cheap stay in the city centre. £270 for one night in a Travelodge!

I had a quick look around and decided to book us a room at the Best Western Moat House in Reading. It’s slightly out of the city centre, but there’s a bus that stops a few minutes walk away so it’s no problem at all. Luckily the buses run throughout the night in Reading.


The Room

Our room was gorgeous and a really nice size, although a little on the small size for an Executive Suite. It had a country feel to it with a brown colour scheme and lovely dark wooden beams across the ceiling.

The bed was sooo comfy. Exactly what we needed when getting in after seeing Eminem, I could have slept there all day. The sheets were clean and soft and the mattress was the perfect balance between soft and firm. We struggled to get up in the morning!

Small Touches

One of the best things about staying in a hotel as to be all the small unique touches each hotel adds to make your stay the best possible. I always make a beeline to the bathroom to see what toiletries we get for free, and then a second stop to the mini bar to see what’s on offer.

I was surprised to find out the room didn’t come with a mini bar! However, the bathroom came packed with some goodies which I took home with me.

The shampoo, conditioner and body wash came in cute little cardboard packaging (as they can be easily recycled) and money from each purchase goes towards a foundation to save the bees. They were also cruelty free and vegan – I love the attention to detail here and it shows they care about the environment.

I also snuck away with a gorgeous cleaning balm and flannel, which I am yet to use at home but definitely will be!

Food & Drink

We didn’t spend much time at the hotel as we ate at the festival and went out for breakfast. However, I did drunkenly order room service at 3am when we got in. I couldn’t help myself!

The food arrived within 15 minutes of ordering and was really good for a drunken, early hours dinner!

Customer Service

From the moment we arrived at the hotel, every member of staff we encountered was incredibly friendly. We were even upgraded to an executive suite by the lovely lady at the front desk free of charge. I was understandably very excited as this has never happened to me before!

When walking through the hotel if we bumped into any member of staff they greeted us, smiled or asked how we were. It’s just the little touches like that which make a stay so much nicer.

Even the staff bringing me my 3am sandwich were super polite, dressed professionally and friendly at such an early hour.

We were really surprised by how much we enjoyed our stay as it was just supposed to be a bed for the night. If we are ever in Reading again for the weekend we’ll be booking back in here. They also have lots of free parking outside which will come in handy when I can drive.