Review: Dinner at Bill’s | Lewes

Review: Dinner at Bill’s | Lewes

To celebrate the end of their Summer of Music, the guys at Bill’s invited us down for dinner. The Summer of Music has been happening at Bill’s restaurants all across the UK over the Summer months. Featuring outdoor gigs, seasonal dishes and lots and lots of cocktails!

Bill’s Lewes is the original Bill’s restaurant, so it only seemed right that they finished off the Summer of Music with two amazing musicians. Whilst we enjoyed our meal they had up and coming artists Jasmin Marlow and Millie Jane Franks perform. Both artists were incredible talented so you should definitely check them out.


We settled down at our table and had a look at their new Cocktail menu. Catching my eye straight away was the Raspberry and Rosehip Collins, which is made with gin, raspberry and rosehip infusion, pink grapefruit cordial, Bill’s pink lemonade and raspberries. It was summer in a glass and only £6.50 which is really reasonable compared to some places.

Josh isn’t a drinker so he was glad to see some good Mocktails on offer alongside the Cocktail menu. He had the Sussex Sunset which is made with orange juice, apple juice and sour cherry float. These were really well priced at just £3.95 a glass.


Being predictable as ever, one of us had to order the calamari. This time it was Josh.

For £6.75 you get a small bucket of calamari with garlic and lemon mayo and a large wedge of lemon on the side. Each piece of calamari was cooked perfect – no rubber squid here! – and the breadcrumb coating instead of batter made them a lovely and light starter.

Although I was tempted by the Haloumi fries, I decided to go for the pork dumplings (£5.75). They did not disappoint. Served with a spicy, sticky sesame dip, the pork dumplings were excellently seasoned and cooked perfectly crisp.

Main Course

It just so happened that the day we went to Bill’s was National Burger Day. How convenient for Josh, as he was really hoping for an excuse to have his third burger of the week!

The Bill’s Hamburger (£10.95) is a classic with juicy beef, lettice, tomato, red onion, secret sauce and gherkins with added cheese (£1.35) and bacon (£1.55). Josh chose to have his beef cooked medium, but it was slightly on the well done side. However, this didn’t really affect the flavour and the burger was still very juicy.

Josh reckons he’s cracked what the special sauce is, and thinks it’s very similar to Big Mac sauce. Whatever’s in it – it’s good. He was also very happy to see they don’t scrimp on the gherkins like they do at Maccy D’s!

Accompanying the burger are some delicious fries. Soft, crispy, salty. Perfection.

Never one to change my ways, I ordered the Mac n Cheese (£9.95). This was no ordinary Mac n Cheese. Bill’s have really upped the game with this one, and I have to say it’s even better than my own!

This Mac n cheese comes in a delicious truffle sauce with added mushrooms and leeks. The best part in my opinion though were the crispy onions on top.

The portion size is very generous too and I’m ashamed to admit I could only just about eat half of it! Who am I?!


Another incredibly predictable order from us. As soon as Josh saw a table near to us order the doughnuts his mind was made up.

Bill’s doughnuts (£5.95) are served warm with a sprinkling of cinnamon and were just like Pier doughnuts. You get two dips: one chocolate and one salted caramel. They were both good but Josh preferred the Salted Caramel and pretty much demolished it.

Even though I couldn’t finish my main course, I couldn’t stop myself getting dessert. I chose the Peach and Raspberry crumble (£6.25) which came with salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.

We couldn’t really taste the caramel sauce, but the crumble itself was very good. I loved the combo of peach and raspberry, every time you got a bite of both together there was a real flavour explosion going on.


We’ve always been a fan of Bill’s but we’ve never been to the Lewes venue. Always staying close to home and visiting Bill’s Brighton when we were in the mood for it.

However, Bill’s Lewes really exceeded our expectations. The staff were really friendly and approachable, they delivered excellent customer service. The venue is gorgeous and the food was delicious.

We’ll definitely be making our way back to Lewes to try more food at Bill’s!

Have you ever been to Bill’s? What’s your favourite meal there?

*We were invited to Bill’s to review in exchange for a free meal. As always, all words, opinions and views are our own!*