Review: Dinner at The Salt Room

Review: Dinner at The Salt Room

The Salt Room has been on our “must-visit” list ever since it opened. Especially after they made it into the Top 20 Best Restaurants in Brighton list. The thing is, that list gets longer and longer every week. Whenever a new restaurant opens in Brighton, it’s added to our list.

The Salt Room is the sister restaurant to The Coal Shed, serving up fresh seafood down on Brighton seafront. Head Chef Dave Mothersill uses local suppliers (my step dad actually delivers their fish so I can verify this!) and uses only the best ingredients.

Josh and I had a table booked for a Tuesday evening and made our way down. Walking along the seafront as the sun set was a lovely way to begin the evening. Even though my shoes were rubbing me the whole way…


The modern restaurant promises a chic setting with sea views, and we experienced just that. Copper light fittings, dark wood and marble tables and gorgeous views across Brighton seafront.

We ordered a bottle of the house red and a bottle of tap water (love that they offer this, so many restaurants don’t!) and looked through the menu. Usually, we’ve already decided what we want before we arrive but we didn’t do that this time round. It was actually a nice surprise to first see the menu after sitting down at our table.


salt room starter

Our lovely Server read us out all the specials they had on offer that day, and Josh decided to go for one of them. His starter was quail which had been sous vide and then pan fried and removed from the bone. Alongside the tender quail there were pickled blackberries, radishes and chorizo. The meat was tender and full of flavour, but the blackberries make this dish with bursts of sweetness in each mouthful.

I went for the Octopus starter (£11) which came with white beans, pancetta, seaweed and germalata. The octopus was incredible. The best I have ever eaten. The cook on it was perfect, it just melted in your mouth. The whole dish combined was really rich, the beans really packed a punch but it went really well as a whole.


On our way to The Salt Room Josh got a sudden craving for burgers. This isn’t an unusual craving, but if there was a burger on the menu, he was having it.

Sure enough, they had a fish burger with chips listed as a main and true to his word, Josh ordered it (£17).

The burger itself was made up of cod and langoustine, but I think this changes depending on what fresh fish they have in that day. It comes with kimchi and burnt spring onion. It was good, well seasoned, but Josh felt it lacked a sauce and/or a bit more garnish.

The chips are thick cut, salty and crunchy-but soft-in-the-middle. Just how he likes his chips.

It’s fair to say that my meal stole the show. I ordered the cod dish (£22) which came with XO butter, a crab croquette, smoked bacon and sweetcorn. To garnish the plate they also had some pak choi.

The cod was cooked to perfection. The portion was generous and when cutting into it, it flakes into big juicy flakes. It just melted in your mouth.

Every element on the plate complimented each other and although it looks like a small portion – I couldn’t finish it (even with Josh stealing a few forkfuls)!


This must be their most popular dish. Whilst sat in the restaurant we saw almost every table order this for dessert. Named ‘The Taste of the Pier’ the sharing dessert is the perfect tribute to Brighton.

For £18 you’re delivered two ice cream waffle cones with cherry ice cream, hot jam donuts, chocolate pebbles, raspberry & white chocolate fudge, black current marshmallows and lemon meringue pops. It’s amazing, and worth visiting The Salt Room for.

We’ve already talked about heading back, just ordering dessert and sitting outside on their balcony in the sun. It’d be perfect.

Highlights for us both were the cherry ice cream, donuts & chocolate pebbles. We couldn’t pick just one favourite!

Customer Service

I couldn’t finish this review without mentioning the service we received during our visit. Our server (I think her name was Jessica – terrible memory!) was incredible. She was knowledgeable about the wine list and menu, knew the specials off by heart and was super friendly. Best of all, we didn’t pour ourselves a drink the whole time we were there.

Josh even claims it was the best customer service he’s had his entire life. I can’t argue with that!

We could also observe the way she interacted with other diners around the restaurant, and the service was just as good. We definitely weren’t getting any special treatment – this is just how it is at The Salt Room! Every customer is made to feel special and well catered for.


It’s pretty obvious from our review that we loved our night at The Salt Room. There is not one thing we could fault about the whole evening and have already been recommending it to our friends. And here we are now – recommending you go to!

Find them here…

106 King’s Rd, Brighton BN1 2FU


*We received our meal free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Which is what this is! Read our disclaimer for more information.*