Review: The Fort Inn | Newquay

Review: The Fort Inn | Newquay

If you read our most recent travel post, you’ll know we went down to Newquay last month for a short break. We spent most of our time there finding the best food Newquay had to offer.

We really fancied a pub-type dinner for our final meal, and The Fort Inn kept cropping up on people’s “favourites” lists, so we gave it a try.

The Interior

The Fort Inn seats over 600 people, so although they don’t take reservations, you’re bound to find a table. The interior feels like somewhere between a pub and a Spoons, because the place is so big it does lack a little character. It’s not a bad thing at all, it just doesn’t have a “cozy pub” feeling.


fort inn starter prawn

When Josh saw ‘a pint of prawns’ on the list of starters, there was no talking him out of it. For £7.95 you get a pint glass overflowing with king prawns, marie rose sauce and some bread and butter.

I did warn Josh that a pint of prawns is an awful lot of peeling. Especially as I really can’t stand doing it so I’m very little help. But there was no telling him and he ploughed through them, with it taking almost 30 minutes!

The prawns were really fresh and obviously of good quality. Josh didn’t like the marie rose sauce but I really didn’t mind it – I think it was just that Josh could tell it wasn’t homemade. That doesn’t really bother me.


By the time our mains arrived, we still hadn’t finished with our prawn starter. However, Josh was pretty bored of peeling so we put them to one side and started on our main meals.

Ever since we arrived in Newquay Josh was craving Mussels. These were fresh local mussels, cooked in shallots, garlic, white wine and cream. They came served with a side of chips and bread and butter. The double carb option was probably a little much, and the meal would have been enough with just chips.

The mussels were delicious and the sauce was good – although it could have done with a tad more seasoning. All in all, for £12.95 it was a decent dish.

I went for the pub classic of pie & mash. The pie was steak & ale, using local West Country ale and you could choose between mash, chips or boiled potatoes. Mashed potato is obviously the only choice here.

The gravy was actually quite thick, unlike most pub gravy’s which I find to be quite thin and runny. It was full of flavour and the pie was packed full of meat. Really good quality for £10.95.


We both really enjoyed our meals at The Fort Inn. It’s not the fanciest or cosiest pub around, but the food is excellent quality for the price. The setting is gorgeous overlooking the harbour and the menu is varied so there’s something for everyone!