Review: Lunch at Mojo Coffee House | Brighton

Review: Lunch at Mojo Coffee House | Brighton

Mojo Coffee House is a café based on Queens Road in Brighton, just down from Brighton Station. It’s a coffee place I used to work out of a lot when I got made redundant last year, during my hunt for a new job!

We were recently contacted to see if we wanted to try their lunch menu, after they had redone the interior of the café, so Josh and I popped down for lunch one day.


mojo coffee house interior

They’ve made the interior more “quirky” since my last visit. Adding a mix-match of chairs, bar stools, low hanging lights and art on the walls. I can see what they were going for here, but I personally prefer how it used to look. That might just be personal preference, but I feel like they haven’t quite nailed the theme.


It was a boiling hot day when we visited, so we sat ourselves down next to the door and ordered some cold drinks.

I went for a vanilla iced latte which was really good, I couldn’t detect any burnt coffee. They serve freshly squeezed orange juice, which is what Josh went for and it was a lovely refreshing drink.


Josh went for scrambled eggs on toast with bacon for his lunch. Technically his breakfast as he hadn’t eaten yet!

The toast was a thick brown farmhouse and went well and the bacon had been cooked just how Josh likes it. The scrambled eggs let the meal down unfortunately. They had been cooked too quickly at a high temp, so the yolk and whites hasn’t properly scrambled together. This left chunks of orange yolk throughout.

I went for a tuna mayo and sweetcorn melt in a panini. Sadly, this whole dish fell a bit flat.

As you can see, the cheese has barely been melted at all. The tuna was really bland, barely any mayo had been used and no seasoning at all. The sweetcorn tasted very strange too, just like water with no sweetness.

Both meals came with a salad of spinach, seeds and a pesto dressing. Josh didn’t think it was really needed on his dish, and I didn’t eat much of mine either.


The customer service was good during our visit, the team were very friendly and accommodating, which makes me feel bad that the food let them down!


Sadly, neither of us would return to Mojo Coffee House. I think there are some basics they need to work on with their food, but they’re not issues that can’t be fixed!


Have you been to Mojo Coffee House? Let us know what you thought in the comments!


We were given a free meal (excluding drinks) in exchange for an honest review.