Finding the Balance with Rekorderlig

Finding the Balance with Rekorderlig

Following this blog, you can tell that we like to eat out. Our money mostly goes on food and we love trying the latest restaurant to hit Brighton. Just last week we went to Halisco, the latest Mexican restaurant to open in the city. This year alone we have been aiming to visit every restaurant on the ‘Brighton’s Best 20′ list, and we’ve done pretty well so far!

The only downside to eating out all the time is how expensive it is! We can easily spend ¬£60 on one meal alone, so it’s not something we can do very often. We have to find a balance between eating out and trying new restaurants, and still having money to save.

Rekorderlig Cider have been helping us find that balance, with Lagom – a word that literally translated means “just enough”. Sometimes we need reminding that we need the balance of both lifestyles. Fancy meals out VS meals made with whatever we have in the fridge.

This week we took the time to make a gorgeous meal from leftovers we had in the fridge. Using pork belly from our Sunday roast, we created a pork ragu with fresh tagliatelle. Sat down in the sun, at the dining table in our new flat, we shared the meal together with a couple of bottles of Rekorderlig to complete the evening.

We both love fruity ciders and in the summer we crave them even more. These ciders are just so refreshing, it’s just what you need on a hot day!

As we’re not big drinkers, we’ll often order a Rekorderlig if we’re out, they’re not heavy drinks like beer can be. Just pure fruitiness!

I usually go for the Strawberry & Lime and Josh has recently been drinking their Wild Berries flavour. To be honest, my new favourite might be Mango & Raspberry.

This summer, Rekorderlig Cider and their sampling van are travelling all round the UK to give us all a taste of the Scandinavian style, drink and culture. The van will be hitting Brighton Jubilee Street on the 1st of July, and I can’t wait!

Rekorderlig Sampling Van Locations & Dates

Is the sampling van coming to your city? Let us know in the comments!

  • Box Park Shoreditch – 15th June
  • High Street Birmingham – 24th June
  • Gunwharf Portsmouth – 30th June
  • Jubilee Street Brighton – 1st July
  • Rose Lane Canterbury – 2nd July
  • Queen Street Cardiff – 6th July
  • Crown Square, Spinningfields Manchester – 21st July

*This post is sponsored by Rekorderlig