New Beginnings: Jess & Josh Cook @ The Square

New Beginnings: Jess & Josh Cook @ The Square

A lot has been happening in our lives recently, which is why this blog has been a little quiet. I think I’ve only written one blog post this month, and I have about 10 in my drafts that need writing.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about our new venture. Jess & Josh Cook has become a catering business!

Back in March, I wrote one of those annoyingly vague tweets which said something like “OMG, I’ve just had the most exciting meeting EVER, and no, I can’t talk about it”.

Well, this was that exciting thing.

The manager of a local conference centre and cafe contacted us through Instagram with a proposal. I was expecting to be asked to review the cafe. I had never imagined what the meeting was really about.

They wanted to help us grow Jess & Josh Cook into a business. Starting with taking over the kitchen at the cafe, and catering to their events.

So, Josh quit his job. He’s now a chef and although it’s the scariest thing ever, he’s enjoying learning so much. We’re both so excited to see where this takes us. It might be a complete failure. It might be a success. It might just be a few months of work. We don’t know. Hopefully it’ll be a hit, but neither of us have any experience in a professional kitchen so it’s a real risk.

That’s what life is all about though, right?

Anyway, I wanted to jump on here to explain why I have been so quiet on the blog recently. And to say I hope you guys can make it down to The Square if you’re ever in Brighton.