Review: Lunch at Trollburger

Review: Lunch at Trollburger

Many of you who live in Brighton would have heard of The Troll’s Pantry. If you haven’t, let me give you a quick low-down.

The Troll’s Pantry has gone from street food, to a pub kitchen and now finds itself back on the street. I first heard about them when they set up shop in a local pub. Word quickly spread of the amazing burgers coming out the kitchen so I went down last year for Galentine’s Day.

The news was true, the burgers were in fact amazing. However, The Troll’s Pantry wanted to get back to their roots and move away from a kitchen pub and back to street food.

Thus, Trollburger was born. Alongside their Hash House right by Brighton Station.

The ethos behind The Troll’s Pantry is to use local, seasonal and ethical ingredients. They also champion paying the living wage and their passion really shows in the food and the service.

Their tomato ketchup is homemade & organic, they regularly forage for ingredients and all the beef is grass fed. That’s just a tiny insight into the effort they put into their food, even the oil they fry chips in is made by hand.


Josh never got the chance to try one of their Troll’s Pantry burgers but he has been desperate to go to Trollburger for a while now. We finally found the time one sunny Sunday to head down and give them a go.

We both went for the Goblinburger (£5) which is one grass fed beef patty with organic ketchup and onions, on a brioche bun. I decided to add a slice of St Giles cheese to mine for an extra quid.

The quality of the ingredients really is incredible and it’s really good value for money. All the ingredients are sourced locally, even the brioche buns are made in a local bakery.

The burgers are how we like them, fairly thin patties but so juicy. The addition of cheese was a must!


The food is great, the service is excellent and the location is perfect. What more could you want? If it’s a sunny day make sure you head down to sit in the sun and enjoy a great burger.

We’ll definitely be heading back to try more of the menu, we’re particularly tempted by the woodland burger which uses foraged wild garlic!

Have you ever tried The Troll’s Pantry or Trollburger? Would you? Let us know!