Keeping up with Jess & Josh #3

Keeping up with Jess & Josh #3

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week since our last catch up. We’re having a slow morning this Sunday, it’s 11.30am and we’ve not been up for very long. Later this afternoon we’re gonna head to Trollburger to finally try their famous burgers, and then we’re cooking a pork belly roast this evening.

We’ve had a busy week, so let’s get straight to it..

On Thursday Josh’s little brother Max was awarded the Surrey Police Chiefs Constable’s Commendation. The award was for his bravery when their dad passed away last year. The evening took place at a Cathedral with a massive banquet, it was one of the fanciest events Josh had been to.

On Friday night we were stuck for something to do for dinner. I was poorly with a fever so couldn’t muster the energy to cook or go to the shops, and Josh had just finished a week of night shifts. We decided to order from GBK as we haven’t been there in ages and felt the need to treat ourselves.

Josh ordered a beef burger and I had a veggie burger with cheese. I had mine with sweet potato fries and Josh decided to give the truffle fries a go for a change. He really didn’t like the truffle fries, the cheese on top was like melted squares of american cheese.

Both burgers travelled really well though and were delicious and still hot on arrival. It’s always a risk ordering burgers as the buns can go soggy in transit but GBK did well. You can read our review of their Brighton Marina venue here.

This weekend we had double celebrations, it was Bella’s 5th birthday and our 2 year anniversary.

Bella got lots of treats for her birthday, including being allowed to sleep on our blankets, fresh salmon and all the dreamies her heart desired.

We had a super romantic anniversary. We spent the morning down the launderette and then did charcoal peel face masks in the afternoon. When we swapped gifts thing got even more romantic! I got Josh three bars of dairy milk and he got me a tea towel! To be fair, his reasoning behind the tea towel makes sense, as cotton is the material for 2 year anniversaries.

In the evening we went to Cin Cin, a new Italian restaurant in Brighton and had a 6 course meal. We’ll be doing a full review in the next week but we had a great time!

This time next week will be my birthday eve. And this week coming up we’re going to dinner with our friends over at The Third Place so expect a lot more foodie posts..

How was your week? Let us know what you’ve been up to in the comments!