Keeping up with Jess & Josh #1

Keeping up with Jess & Josh #1

I’ve gone through stages of really loving writing weekly chatty posts, and then giving up with them after a month or two. I’m sat in bed with a coffee & almond croissant from Real Patisserie and just felt like telling you all what we’ve been up to this week, so I’m going to start them back up.

Hopefully I’ll stick to doing these weekly again, even if it’s only for a little while. We’ve got lots of plans for March, including our 2 year anniversary and my 22nd birthday so i’ll have lot’s to talk about!


This week we were invited to Edendum, a local Italian restaurant to sample some of their new menu. We met up with foodie friends Sammy & Brandon and spent the evening drinking lots of prosecco. The food was good but we definitely didn’t get enough of it!

The highlight for both of us was their gnocchi, we’ve only had it once before and didn’t like it but we’ll definitely be giving it a go again after trying Edendum’s.

Galentine’s Day

Redroaster coffee

I had the day off work on Thursday so Caitlin (my work wife) and I decided to have a late Galentine’s Day. We started the day off at Redroaster for coffee and brunch, which was incredible but seriously pricey.

Later on in the day we decided to have a go at dying our hair. I’ve been dying my hair since I was 14 so I’m used to it but it was Caitlin’s first time. Thankfully it turned out pretty well, otherwise I’d have felt terrible!

We ended the day with a pizza, the best way to end any day.

When I got home Josh was feeling too lazy to cook just for himself so he ordered his fave, a pad thai from Sukhothai Palace. We settled in for an evening of binge watching Mad Men, our latest addiction. We’ve managed to watch almost 7 seasons in the past month or so. It’s so good!!

Fridays are always my days off, as I work a four day week, but I always try to make them productive if I can. I got up early and headed straight down to the gym (side note – I finally rejoined the gym after 6 months of zero exercise yay) and did a quick workout first thing.

Josh headed off to work to start his 7 days in a row and I did a big house clean. Glam.

I’ve started driving lessons, and they’re usually on a Friday as I get that day off. Two hours in a hot car learning how to do a turn in the road gave me the biggest migraine. So I had a quick nap before heading to Eastbourne to babysit my little brother and sister.

My love of cooking comes from my dad, as whenever he used to cook for us he would always try to teach me. I always look forward to what he’s going to cook for us when we go over, he’s known to do the best roasts ever. We opted for surf & turf, which I’ve never had but obviously¬†loved.

The Weekend

It was Josh’s brothers 18th birthday on Saturday so we got the train up to Burgess Hill for a meal with him and the family. We went for an Indian at Marsala Club and the food was amazing! Josh went for a Lamb Passanda and I had a veggie korma and both were delicious.

Josh is back at work today, so he won’t be back until 6ish tonight, so I’m having a slow Sunday catching up with TV. I’ll probably head over to my mums for lunch this afternoon.

We’ve got more birthday celebrations coming up next week,¬†including a 50th birthday party which I’m sure will get messy.

How’s your Sunday going? Let us know!