Review: Brunch at Redroaster

Review: Brunch at Redroaster

Redroaster has been around for as long as I can remember. Being one of Britain’s first specialist coffee houses and the only certified organic roastery in the South it’s easy to understand why.

Michelin star chef Matt Gillan has reopened Redroaster, with a new look and menu. There’s been such a buzz around the reopening that I just had to get down there as soon as possible. Their deal of 50% off food for their first three days was a good enough excuse. I headed down with my friend Caitlin, to start off a belated Galentine’s Day.

The Interior

redroaster interior

The interior looks like something straight off Tumblr, and I love it. Big mirrors and lots of lighting make the venue feel much bigger than it is. The marbles tables create the perfect backdrop to instagram your gorgeous food and there’s greenery at every turn. It’s light and spacious, and you can watch the chefs at work from the large marble bar.

It’s a truly gorgeous venue, with a luxurious feel to it and something a little different to what we already have in Brighton.

The Coffee

Redroaster coffee

We ordered a latte and a cappuccino which were priced well at £2.80 each. It’s been three days now and I haven’t stopped thinking about that coffee. It was a coffee to ruin all other coffee shops.


We decided to treat ourselves to a cocktail whilst we were there and both chose a passion fruit mimosa (£6.20). They certainly didn’t hold back on the booze, the cocktail tasted mostly like passion fruit flavoured champagne. Which is not a complaint!

The Food

I wanted to choose something I wouldn’t be able to get in most breakfast joints. So instead of the usual English breakfast, I went for the herb waffle with bacon jam, maple bacon, apple sauce, black pudding, apple & a fried egg (£9.50).

I was not disappointed in my decision to try something new. The flavours complimented each other perfectly, the highlight of the dish being the bacon jam. The fried egg was cooked perfectly, not burnt and with a sunny side up yolk.

Caitlin went for the matcha waffle, with tea cured salmon, semi dried tomato, cream cheese & calamari. Garnished with edible flowers this dish was almost too pretty to eat. It’s one of the most expensive dishes on the menu, at £12.50 but you pay for the quality of the ingredients and that shines through the dish.

The Service

Our service was quite slow and haphazard at times. Our waitress was a little flustered, being only their second day open I don’t think they were prepared to be so busy! Albeit a little slow, the venue is so gorgeous that we didn’t mind waiting for a little while. I’m sure these are just teething problems that will be ironed out once they’ve been open a little longer, and it definitely didn’t put me off returning.

The Verdict

We both absolutely loved our morning spent at Redroaster and I’ll definitely be a frequent visitor for their gorgeous coffee. It is on the expensive side, our bill would have been £40 without the 50% discount, which is more than I’ve ever paid for breakfast.

However, it’s definitely somewhere to eat for special occasions. It’s my birthday coming up in March and I can see us popping down for a birthday breakfast.