Brighton’s Best Restaurant Awards 2017

Brighton’s Best Restaurant Awards 2017

Brighton’s Best Restaurant Awards

Last night we had the pleasure of joining some of Brighton’s top chefs at Brighton’s Best Restaurant Awards. An evening dedicated to celebrating the local indie food scene.

Organised by local food journalists Andy Lynes, Euan McDonald and Patrick McGuigan, the awards are a great chance for everyone to get together for a knees up.

Josh and I headed down to meet The Third Place and her other half Brandon at BrewDog, where the night was being hosted. We were all shocked to see how busy it was! Chefs, front of house’s, food journalists, bloggers and more all mingling and finally putting faces to names.

We grabbed a couple of gins from Brighton Gin, and the boys ordered a beer from the bar and we settled down. It was amusing trying to place familiar faces with restaurants we might recognise them from. We also finally had the chance to meet Foodie Eshe and Gary from the Scoffers app!

brighton best restaurant awards 2017

The Awards

I won’t bore you with a list of everyone who made it into the Top 20 Best Restaurants, but you can find a full line up over on their Twitter. Here were our highlights..

Cin Cin, Best Newcomer & 6th Place 

You can read my review of Cin Cin over on the Brighton Girl website. Sammy and I came here to review on one of their opening nights and it was one of the best meals out we’ve had. The service is personal, engaging and friendly. The food is out of this world and the prosecco is basically on tap. We were so happy to see them so well.

Josh still hasn’t been though, so we’ve planned a trip for our anniversary.

Dizzy Gull, Best Roast in Brighton 

All four of us voted for Dizzy Gull to win in this category, so there were a fair few cheers when they were announced the winners. If you haven’t been yet, get down there asap. Have a read of Sammy’s review if you still need convincing.

The Winner

Yes – 64 Degrees won Best Restaurant in Brighton for the second year in a row! We absolutely love this place and it has sentimental meaning to us too.

The last time we saw Grant (Josh’s Dad) was the day after Boxing Day in 2015, where we met up with the family and enjoyed an outstanding meal at 64 Degrees. We think about that day often. The staff, food and service made the day a perfect memory. We still argue about what the best dish was! So it seemed fitting that they won on Grant’s birthday.

As the place was so full, we couldn’t bring ourselves to barge through the crowds to the tables of delicious food at the other end of the pub. It’s fair to say that by the time the awards were announced, we were all starving. Also a little drunk after drinking on empty stomachs!

We decided to head off to grab the quickest (and dirtiest) thing to eat. The debate was between Maccy D’s and Grubbs… Grubbs won.

I guess you can say we’re classy. Josh needed to try a Grubbs burger as he’d never had one, and it did not disappoint.

All in all, we had a fantastic night at the awards. We’ve made a plan to visit each restaurant in the top 20 this year, and we can’t wait to see what new spots will be on the list for 2018!