Review: Joe’s Café Breakfasts

Review: Joe’s Café Breakfasts

You might remember we went through a phase last year where we tried to find the best brekkie in Brighton. One place we didn’t try, but have heard a lot about, was Joe’s Café.

Situated in Seven Dials, it takes about 15 mins to walk to from our house. Most of the walk is uphill which is probably why it took us so long to visit! However, I’m so glad we finally made the trip.

It seems we arrived at the right time! There were plenty of tables free at 11.30am but within half an hour the place was packed out. The tables all come with condiment bays so you don’t have to ask for any sauces which is something that really annoys Josh.

Joe’s Café are proud to source their ingredients locally and they shout about it – which I love! Inside you can find a blackboard telling you exactly where they source their meat, veg & bread. The quality of their ingredients really show in the breakfasts.

The Drinks

joe's café coffee

Big surprise… I opted for a latte with my breakfast, a really good coffee with no complaints from me. Josh had an OJ with his. They also serve tea’s from Bluebird Tea Co.

The Breakfasts

We both went for full English breakfasts even though Joe’s is famous for their hashes. Josh swapped his potatoes out for another slice of bacon, but apart from that we both had the same.

As you can see, the portions are enormous. Josh did manage to finish his but I think there was still at least a quarter of my plate leftover. It was just too much!

The eggs were perfectly cooked, not burnt at all and a lovely runny yolk. The sausages were thick and juicy (lol) and the bacon cooked perfectly. My potatoes were seasoned well and we loved the mushrooms.

The toast was actually the highlight of the dish and we’re gonna try and get some from the bakery. It was crunchy & soft and just all kinds of delicious.


Joe’s Café has made it to the top of our lists as the best breakfast in Brighton, and we’re not alone in thinking that. They’ve won that very award in 2015!

Where does your favourite breakfast? Let us know in the comments!