Review: Bus Stop, Carribean Restaurant Brighton

Review: Bus Stop, Carribean Restaurant Brighton

If you’re from Brighton and have been on social media this month, there’s a good chance you’ve seen local foodies raving about Bus Stop.

Bringing authentic Caribbean food to the heart of Brighton, Bus Stop is quickly becoming a local favourite. And we can see why…

We visited on a Saturday evening and it was packed out. We hadn’t reserved a table but they kindly squeezed us in. Being fairly new to the area, we didn’t think we’d need to reserve but we were wrong! Definitely give them a call beforehand if you plan to head down.

The Interior

The restaurant is cosy with around 30 tables and dimly lit. At the back of the room you can find the bar, which isn’t hard to spot. Flashing brightly coloured lights and paired with the reggae music, Bus Stop puts you in the mood for a few drinks…


Bus Stop have a large cocktail menu, and regularly have one-off specials. They’re reasonably priced for Brighton, with most cocktails priced at £7. I went for a rum sour (£5) or two and the staff were more than happy to refill as soon as my glass was looking a little empty.


I’m gonna split the food aspect of this review into two parts, our starters & mains. The ‘pickings’ section of the menu is what we considered to be starters. Be warned. The portions are huge. We’re not complaining, but we would have probably just split one starter instead of getting one each!

bus stop review chicken wings

Josh ordered chicken wings to start with (£7) which you can have buffalo style or grilled. Josh went for buffalo style. They come with two sauces, a blue cheese & hot bajan sauce.

Neither of us can really hack a lot of spice, but the wings were just bursting with flavour and the perfect amount of heat. The same goes with the hot bajan sauce. We were wary at first to try it but it doesn’t knock your socks off, it complements the wings nicely. The blue cheese sauce is a really good addition too.

I chose calamari (£6) for my starter. We’ve been on the hunt for good calamari since our holiday to Barcelona a couple of summers ago and I think we’ve found it. The squid was perfectly cooked, not rubbery at all and the batter was crisp and crunchy.

The only thing we’d say negatively about both dishes is that they really don’t need the garnish, we both left it untouched.

Mama’s Hand

Mama’s hand are the main meals on the menu. There’s so much to choose from we both really struggled to decide. However, we already know what we’ll be ordering when we return…

Josh opted for Danny’s stuffed ‘proper’ pork chop (£13.50). You can choose one side to go with your pork and Josh went for the spicy fries.

The pork is stuffed with Bajan seasoning and comes with a creamy onion gravy. You also get a generous side salad and plantain.

The pork chop was huge and perfectly cooked. The gravy was bursting with flavour and went well with everything else on the plate. The fries weren’t too spicy and although Josh hates bananas he actually didn’t mind the plantain!

I think out of both mains, we both preferred mine. Jerk chicken (you can opt to have fried chicken if you prefer), with two sides (£10.50). The dish also comes with a side salad and plantain.

I chose coleslaw and macaroni pie as my sides, obviously. The chicken was succulent and the skin crispy with flavour. The coleslaw was fresh and I love plantain so enjoyed those a lot! The macaroni pie had a sort of BBQ smokey flavour to it and we both loved it.


For all of the above, plus Josh’s two drinks, our bill came to exactly £50. Incredibly good value for money considering the portion sizes.

The service was excellent. Like I mentioned earlier, we hadn’t booked a table and turned up at 8pm on a Saturday night. The host and server were accommodating and found us a table straight away. They were attentive, but not overbearing, throughout the night.

We loved Bus Stop, as did everyone around us. The atmosphere is great and we’ll be back for more very soon!