2017 Blog Goals and New Years Resolutions

2017 Blog Goals and New Years Resolutions

Last year we had only been blogging for a month when the new year came around. We didn’t have any expectations or goals of what could happen in 2016, so we didn’t set any!

This year, I have a good idea of what I think we could do and what I’d really like to achieve with Jess & Josh Cook. It may be a little out of reach, but fingers crossed we can achieve at least some of this.


We really want to reach the next level with our follower counts. It’s not the be all and end all of blogging, but I’d love to reach a wider audience.

I really want to break the 1k mark with Instagram, which I think we’ll definitely do. The goal for 2017 is to reach 3,000 Instagram followers.

For Twitter I’d love to reach 5,000 followers. We’re at around 1.6k at the moment, so it’s a big leap, but gotta aim high.

The goal for Facebook is to reach just 500 likes on our page, I reckon this will be the hardest to reach. I’m not even sure if Facebook is worth bothering with anymore, which is something else I’ll be testing in 2017.


I need to be more consistent with posting. Last year there were a couple of months were I either didn’t post at all, or only blogged once or twice. I find it really difficult to write if I’m not in the mood, but I’m going to start scheduling more content in advance.

My goal is to post at least once a week, every week. Hopefully I’ll blog more often than that, but that’s the main goal.

I also want to try and post more along with the themes of the year. Our content at the moment is mostly at a whim, and I don’t post specifically about what may be going on at the time. For example, vegan recipes for Veganuary, Easter recipes at Easter etc.


I’d also love to get some sponsored content during the year, we registered the blog with the tax man this month so there’s nothing stopping us now!

We have also thought about creating our own products and selling them on here. Would any of you buy something by us? We made a lot of presents for Christmas and got such a buzz putting our label on them. It’s something we really want to try during 2017.

New Years Resolutions

The goals above are our blogging New Years Resolutions but we have some personal ones too.

Josh really wants to stop smoking. He doesn’t smoke that much at the moment, only about three cigarettes a day. He hates it though, and knows how much money he could save if he stops.

Along with the usual lose weight, get fit NY resolutions I have one biggie. Learn how to drive. My little sister and Josh’s little brother have both learnt now, and neither of us drive. It makes life so much easier when visiting family to just hop in a car. I’ve been putting it off for years now.

Fingers crossed we achieve some of the above. What are your New Years resolutions?