A Post-Christmas Catch Up & Gift Haul

A Post-Christmas Catch Up & Gift Haul

You may or may not have noticed that we kinda gave up on Blogmas. It was fun whilst it lasted but Christmas is such a ridiculously busy time of year I just couldn’t keep up. I’m sure you’re all very disappointed in us 😉

Anyway, we hope you all had a great Christmas! I thought I’d give you all a little update* on what we’ve been up to over the holidays and tell you all what we got for Christmas, as everyone was very generous.

*This post has ended up being much longer than I anticipated. So well done if you finish it!

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas celebrations started on Christmas eve and they still haven’t finished at the point of writing this blog post! We popped on a train to Guilford to go and see Josh’s step mum, sister and little brother.

Southern Rail gave us the best Christmas present of all by not cancelling any of our trains! I was worried for the week leading up to going that we would get stranded but they performed a Christmas miracle for us.

We had a drink or two in a pub right down by the river in Guilford and then went back to Josh’s step mums house to exchange presents. We got some really great foodie gifts including brie, award winning tiffin and salami. Josh’s little brother got us a Marmite chocolate pot which he wants us to film a reaction video to eating so you may see that soon!

We had some dinner, a delicious chilli with nachos cooked by a neighbour and then headed back to Brighton to settle in for the evening.

When we got home we put Jack Frost on and got an early night ready for the big day!

Christmas Day

Our Christmas Day is split between my mums house and Josh’s mums house. It’s really nice to get to see both sides of our family on the day, so we don’t have to miss anybody out.

We spent Christmas morning in our house to spend some time along together and exchange gifts. We always do each other a little stocking so we opened those as soon as we get up (around 7am).

We cracked open a bottle of bucks fizz and swapped main presents. Josh went well over budget this year and truly spoilt me.

He got me a lovely necklace from Suzy Q. It’s personalised with the star constellation of my star sign and has my named engraved on the back. I’m really into star signs (if you don’t know, I have the Aries ram tattooed on my arm. So yeah, I love em) so this gift was incredibly thoughtful. I had a little cry opening it.

He also got me a super soft dressing gown, two thick jumpers, a colouring book with pens and some make up and underwear.

I like to think the presents I got Josh were quite good too. I got us tickets to see one of his fave comedians Tom Allen, an Xbox game, a thick jumper, a VR headset, a couple of books and a Westworld t shirt.

Christmas Day Part 2

Around 10am my mum came to pick us up and we lugged all our presents to her house to spend a few hours with my mum and step dad. We started off with some prosecco and mum put the Michael Bublé Christmas album on and we opened some more presents!

Josh got a new razor, some Nivea face creams and chocolate from my parents. I got the cutest cat ear headphones which I just had to have after seeing them on Tara’s Insta.

I also got some lovely clothes and more make up!

Christmas Day Part 2

Yep, still not finished for Christmas Day! At 12.30pm we were picked up by Josh’s step dad and went to his mums. We spent the rest of the day there.

Our main present from Josh’s family was a 4K TV which was incredibly generous of them! We’ve got it all set up at home now and the quality is incredible. Last night we watched The Martian on it and it felt like being in the cinema.

I got some perfume, a gorgeous dressing gown and little bits like Christmas socks and chocolate. Josh’s grandparents also put towards our TV but they also got us some more presents like socks, pants, leggings and some money. They were all incredibly kind and generous.

We spent the day eating, drinking, watching films and playing games and it was a perfect Christmas day. We went to bed (where we found the J cushions above which were another present) to watch Love Actually and fell asleep content.

Boxing Day

Josh had to work for a bit on Boxing Day so we left Josh’s parents house early and came back to Brighton. I spent the morning at my step sisters house seeing that side of the family. Then we went back to my mums to see my two sisters and my sister’s boyfriend.

We had a buffet lunch and gave each other more presents. I got some perfume, make up and a voucher to get my eyebrows done which I’ve been putting off for ages! We then spent the rest of the afternoon playing games like “Who am I?” and a bit of Charades.

Josh and I then went home to chill out by ourselves for the rest of the evening.

The rest of Christmas week

The day after Boxing day we went to Josh’s nans house in Goring with his brother to have lunch. We were fed a LOT of food and drank wine in the middle of the day. It was a lovely afternoon and it’s started a new tradition.

We then spent the evening with our friend Faith, ate fajitas, drank Dark & Stormy cocktails with the rum from St Lucia that Josh’s mum gave us and played the Big Fat Quiz of the Year. I won. Of course!

The next day we met my dad, step mum and little brother and sister for lunch down the Marina. We had a lovely time catching up and seeing each other. They got me the laptop I’m writing this on now, which I’ve been wanting for ages! I also got a personalised gin glass, Ab Fab DVD and some Yankee Candles.

We both had such a lovely Christmas, and I still cannot believe how generous everybody was. I couldn’t list everything we got as this post is already over 1,000 words and I’m sure you’re bored by now.

We made a lot of the presents we gave people, which I’ll talk about in another post, but they went down really well.

How was your Christmas? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear all about it.