Looking Back at our Favourite Restaurants of 2016

Looking Back at our Favourite Restaurants of 2016

We’ve eaten out a lot over the course of 2016. We love trying new restaurants and it’s very rare we return to the same restaurant twice. Brighton is a proper little gem for new and exciting places to eat, so we wanted to look back at our favourite restaurants of 2016.

Take a trip down memory lane with us…

Favourite Indian Restaurant

This category had to be The Chilli Pickle. They would probably win it every year if I’m honest.

This year on Josh’s birthday we popped down in the morning and learnt more about how the chefs operate and how the come up with their menus. The staff are incredibly welcoming and the food is always spot on. They offer something a little different from your average curry house and their menu changes seasonally. You’re unlikely to ever eat the same meal twice!

Favourite Pizza Place

Excuse the terrible photo quality, but the winner here had to be Fatto a Mano. They opened their second venue in Hove, which we didn’t try until Dec 2016. Having been to every other authentic pizza place in Brighton, we could now agree with the majority of Brighton residents. Fatto a Mano does the best authentic Italian pizza in the city.

Favourite Italian Restaurant

Even though Josh hasn’t tried Cin Cin yet, they really could be the only winners for this category. Brighton is seriously lacking in the authentic Italian restaurant game. Read my review on Brighton Girl Magazine to see just how much I love them.

Favourite Burger

*Unpopular opinion alert* GBK were our favourites this year. We haven’t gotten round to visiting a lot of burger joints around Brighton this year but Burger Brothers would undoubtedly be on there if we had. GBK is pretty damn good though.

Favourite Thai Restaurant

This was difficult for us because although we have been to Sukhothai Palace more often than Cafe Chilli this year, Cafe Chilli is still our favourite. There is just so much more of a personal touch when you visit Cafe Chilli. The food is of a much more authentic too.

Favourite Cafe

This one was probably quite obvious. The Flour Pot Bakery has been somewhere I’ve visited a little too often this year, especially since they opened their new location in Hove. I love everything about Flour Pot Bakery (not just the almond croissants!).

Favourite New Comers

Obviously… BeFries! We’re at this place more than any other foodie location in Brighton. Their customer service is on another level to anywhere else I’ve ever been. They genuinely care so much about their customers and it helps that their chips are the best we’ve ever eaten too.

Are any of your favourite places on the list? Did we miss somewhere off that we should visit in 2017? Let us know in the comments!