Delicious Alchemy: Wonderfully Berry Granola

Delicious Alchemy: Wonderfully Berry Granola

By now you’re probably pretty aware that we’re big fans of Delicious Alchemy. We’ve reviewed two of their ranges before (here and here) and always have great things to say. So when they offered us a chance to try their new breakfast product we jumped at the chance.

I rarely eat breakfast. I would much rather have an extra 30 minutes snoozing than get up and make something to eat first thing in the morning. So when Delicious Alchemy sent us their Wonderfully Berry Granola, it was the perfect opportunity for me to try and have breakfast during the week.

Knowing myself well, I knew I’d still favour sleep over some delicious granola. So, I took it straight to work with me to eat at my desk. Sounds sad, but it’s the only way I’d get myself to eat something in the morning!

The granola is gluten free with cranberries, strawberries and blueberries and only has 223 calories a portion. I had mine with some raspberry yogurt and it was the perfect start to the day. Made with gluten free oats they’re a great source for fibre. However, that does mean they might not be suitable for people with coeliac disease so be mindful of this.

The Verdict

This is another product Delicious Alchemy have knocked out of the park. The simplicity in everything they offer is one of their best qualities, not to mention everything we’ve tried so far has been really tasty. I love this brand and would always recommend them, whether you’re Gluten Free or not!


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