Mini Mince Pie Supermarket Taste Off

Mini Mince Pie Supermarket Taste Off

Up until about a year ago, I had never tried a mince pie. Which always brought gasps of “but Christmas isn’t Christmas without a mince pie!”

Yet, here I am, finding any old excuse to try mince pies from any supermarket I can find. And absolutely loving it. Shall we just delve right in?

waitrose mini mince pie

Let’s start of with the offering Waitrose had. 9 mini shortcrust mince pies, with three different flavours. I’m going to level with you, these were the worst of the bunch.

Our least favourite of the three flavours were the almond topped pies with amaretto and almond mince meat. Followed closely by the ecclefechan tarts, which are mine pies from a town in Scotland. The only mince pies from the selection we liked were the orange & cranberry flavoured crumble tarts. Waitrose you have let us down.

Next up we have M&S’s all butter mini mince pies. These were okay, and much better than what Waitrose had on offer. However they lacked filling with the mince pies being mostly pastry.

Tesco’s Finest mince pies with booze came in as our second favourites, the only thing letting them down was again, the lack of mince meat filling! Such a shame, but still seriously good mini mince pies.


Sainsbury’s all butter mince pies were our favourite! Filled to the brim with delicious mince meat filling with buttery pastry that melted in your mouth. Delicious. Cheap too!

It’s safe to say, we had quite a lot of fun testing all these mince pies out. Was there anywhere we didn’t try you would recommend? Let us know in the comments!

Now… off to test some mulled wine. It’s a hard life.