Breakfast at Cafe Plenty Review

Breakfast at Cafe Plenty Review

I know I said I was done reviewing breakfasts, but here I am again with another breakfast review. There’s another coming up later this month too. We just love going out for brunch okay?!

Today we’re bringing you a review of Cafe Plenty, which is getting more and more popular with each day. It’s easy to see why. Cafe Plenty has a lovely community feel and the staff are incredibly friendly. I’ve been here a couple of times for all different reasons. Once for lunch with my mum, another time to work remotely and another time for the Brighton Girl Magazine Halloween Party. There really is so much you can visit Plenty for.

The Interior


The interior is gorgeous. There a big wooden and glass tables to sit around, art on every wall and rope lights hanging low from the ceiling. They often hold events so make sure you keep an eye out for an excuse to pop down and see it yourself.

The Coffee


Josh and I both went for a latte with our breakfast. Both drinks were served at a good temperature and were made well. They were slightly too frothy but I really like a milky latte so it was perfect for me.

The Food

cafe plenty full english

Josh and I both went for The Full English. It doesn’t actually say on the menu what this comes with, which I think is one thing I would change, if I had known it would come with black pudding I probably would have ordered something else.

However, the black pudding was actually amazing! One of the best parts of the breakfast. Neither of us have ever liked black pudding but this was really really good and has converted us.

The portion size is really good, and has everything you want on the plate with a fry up. The toasted bread was gorgeous and came with a really salty butter.

The eggs weren’t burnt at all, however some of our yolks were a tad overdone. I don’t really like runny eggs so they were cooked to my preference but Josh likes his sunny side up, which one of them wasn’t.

The bacon wasn’t quite crispy enough for our liking and the sausages were a bit dry. The tomatoes, mushrooms & potato bits were all cooked to perfection though. I love a bit of double carb in the morning.

Although there were a couple of things on the plate that weren’t to our liking, I would definitely go back to Cafe Plenty. The atmosphere is friendly and chilled, the staff show excellent customer service no matter what time you show up and the food is really really good. They serve all sorts from the full English above, to cakes and quiches.

Have you ever visited Cafe Plenty? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

We were given a free breakfast in exchange for an honest review.