A windy weekend in Copenhagen

A windy weekend in Copenhagen

Back in July it was my best friends 21st birthday and I had to somehow top the present she got me for my 21st, tickets to see Years & Years in Prague.

As neither of us had been to Copenhagen before (and because flights were cheap AF) I got us two returns for the middle of November. Along came the 18th and off we went to spend two nights in the city centre.

Our travel on the way out went pretty smoothly, my Southern train was on time (shock!) and our flight was smooth. Thank god because I’m an awful flyer. I’m pretty sure Faith will never fly with me again after I had to hold her arm the whole way back.

Day 1

When we arrived in Copenhagen we found our way quite easily to our accommodation. Apart from almost boarding a train to Sweden! I did wonder why they were checking our passports whilst boarding…

copenhagen backpackersphoto-19-11-2016-09-03-36

We stayed in the Copenhagen Backpackers Hostel, situated less than 5 minutes away from Copenhagen Central Station. Hostels aren’t for everybody, but the reviews for this place were pretty good and we don’t mind slumming it if it means we get more money to spend whilst we’re there.

By the time we’d settled in it was around 6pm, so we decided to head out into the centre to find some Christmas markets. Without even trying we managed to find three after an hour of being out. We grabbed a cup of Glogg (Scandinavian mulled wine) and watched everyone queue up for the big Christmas market in Tivoli gardens.


The Tivoli Christmas market was by far the most impressive of the three we saw. We didn’t actually go in because it cost 200 kroner (£20) just for entry! We had no idea how expensive Copenhagen was going to be before we went. It’s about the same as Brighton.


Looking for somewhere cheap for dinner we went to a little place in the middle of the shopping area of Copenhagen. We ordered some classic Danish food. Not! I had a large pizza whilst Faith went for enchiladas. It cost us around £15 each for the meal and a drink, which was one of the cheapest places we could find.

We spent the rest of the evening chilling out, chatting with people at the hostel and gearing up for our full day in the city. Alarm set to be up for 8am.

Day 2 – Morning

Saturday morning we jumped out of our bunk beds and tried to make our way to Dyrehaven, a breakfast place I’d seen on Instagram. We obviously got lost along the way but after an hour of wandering around (and with some help from the locals) we found it.


Named after the Deer Park in Copenhagen, the interior of Dyrehavn was unique, with deer skulls all over the walls. There was a lot of choose from on the menu at reasonable prices. Faith went for smashed avocado on rye bread with smoked salmon and a poached egg, so Insta-worthy. I had smashed avo on toast with rye bread, cheese, Greek yogurt and a soft boiled egg. I’ve never seen a breakfast like it before!

We then went to the Church of Our Saviour and climbed right to the top. You get amazing views of Copenhagen up there and can be there when the bells ring! It doesn’t half make your legs ache though. They were like jelly by the time we got back down.



Next on our list was a trip to Freetown Christiania, which has a really interesting history. It’s an autonomous neighbourhood with around 850 residents. What used to be military barracks was taken over in the 70’s to create their own community. It’s worth reading up about, I’d never heard of it before this trip. We’d been walking for quite a few hours at this point so decided to have a sit down with a Nutella crepe. Obvs amazing.

Graffiti on the wall surrounding Christiania

Graffiti on the wall surrounding Christiania

Day 2 – Evening

We decided to track down a pub so we could rest our feet for a little while with a drink before heading for dinner. That plan turned out to be a lot harder than we expected. The streets just aren’t littered with pubs like they are here. Eventually we settled on an Irish pub and spent a couple of hours with a few drinks.


It was starting to get late so we wandered back into town to the Christmas markets with the idea of grabbing some food and tinnies and heading back to the hostel for an early evening. We decided to have a Bratwurst for dinner from one of the markets, which was by far the cheapest option for dinner!

We spent the rest of the evening playing board games and drinking at our Hostel. The vibe was so nice there you could chill out for hours. We watched an episode of Gogglebox and then called it a night! If you know us, you’d be proud at how tame we were this holiday. Remember what happened to us in Prague?

I loved Copenhagen, it felt like such a safe city and everybody we met was really nice and helpful. I will definitely be going back!