Simple Recipes for Special Occasions

To celebrate special occasions we often make each other dinner and in October we celebrated a year of living together. Josh had cooked a special meal for us recently so I took on the challenge of cooking for us.

Although I do love cooking, I don’t have a natural flair for it like Josh does. I find it therapeutic, so when I’m in the mood to cook, I love it. I am very clumsy though, Josh can often hear me dropping pans and accidentally cutting my finger when I’m in the kitchen. Which is why when I do decide to cook, I try to follow simple recipes.

 I can’t be the only person like this?!

I wanted to share the recipes I followed with you guys, in case you’re like me! On occasions like this, I want what I cook to be “fancy” but not too difficult to actually cook.

Starter – Scallops in herbed brown butter

simple recipes scallops

This one was my favourite of the two courses and it was definitely the easiest. I followed this recipe and cooked it as soon as we were ready for dinner. It only takes about 5 minutes and it fills the room with a gorgeous buttery smell. Just make sure you have all the ingredients prepped as once those scallops are in, it’s minutes til your finished!

I got the best “wow” face from Josh when serving it up.

Main – Paella 

simple recipes paella

I’ve done Paella a few times so I don’t have one recipe that I follow for this. It’s one of my favourite dinners because it reminds me of the Fiestas we used to go to in Spain, where the whole village would come together and eat it. This is the recipe that I stick to the most, but what I put in it varies depending how poor I am at the time of cooking!

For this Paella I used chicken, prawns and chorizo, which is one of my favourite combinations. Get your Paella on the go before you begin the starter, you need to leave plenty of time for it to simmer away.

There you have my simple recipes for special occasions. What are your go to recipes?