Review: Breakfast at Baked, Hove

Review: Breakfast at Baked, Hove

I walk past Baked nearly every day as it’s on my way to work. It’s always quite busy but it never came up in “best breakfast” lists so I’d never visited them. I’d also never met anybody who really raved about it.

As a farewell to my friend Sophie, who straight out of uni has found an awesome job and moved to Manchester, we decided to go for brunch. Sophie suggested Baked so I would finally find out if it deserved any hype.

Baked pride themselves on using fresh ingredients which they try to source locally. Their menu changes seasonally and you can have anything from a full English to a naughty slice of cake.

Sophie and I did what Josh and I very rarely do. Apart from that time we went to Sukhothai Palace. We ordered the exact same meal.

We both ordered a latte to drink whilst waiting for our breakfasts to arrive. I know fellow food blogger Sammy was sceptical when I posted a photo on Instagram, as it did look a little pale. The coffee tasted good, albeit a bit milky, which I like.

It took a little while for us to decide what to have for breakfast. Although tempted by the Huevos Rancheros and pancakes, we finally settled on two vegetarian breakfasts.

I find veggie breakfasts can be hit and miss. The veggie sausage can make or break the meal. At Baked, I think it made it. I’m not entirely sure what it was made from but it tasted like chorizo. A winner in my eyes.

The portion size was decent. Two sausages, two poached eggs, mushrooms, beans, grilled tomato, a corn fritter and toast. We did manage to polish it off though. Everything was hot upon arrival and it was really decent. We had no complaints.

At times the service was a little slow but our order was taken quickly and we didn’t have to wait long for the food to arrive. Only when trying to pay the bill did we have to wait around, but they had gotten quite busy and we wanted a good chat so it didn’t bother us.

I would definitely go back to Baked, and I’d recommend it to people looking for a decent breakfast.