Jess & Josh Cook: One Year On

Jess & Josh Cook: One Year On

Jess & Josh Cook is one year old! A year ago today we wrote our first blog post, our Thanksgiving Feast. It seems funny to read back now. Our writing style has changed so much over the time and hopefully it’s improved!

What started as an Instagram dedicated to photos of our dinner has grown into this little blog, which has given us so many great opportunities. We’ve made a ton of friends through it too.

Josh’s Best Bits

  • Favourite dinner: The dinner we were invited to review at Isaac@. Specifically the pork belly.

pork belly

  • Favourite PR sample: The Very Lazy samples we were sent very early on!


  • Favourite event: The Olive It! cooking class, even though he absolutely hated olives beforehand.


Jess’s Best Bits

  • Favourite dinner: Our invitation to Wahaca in Brighton, and specifically the cod tacos. We’ve tried to recreate them so many times and we’ve never quite nailed it.


  • Favourite PR sample: Mine has got to be The Gin Explorer box. I mean, who doesn’t love free gin?!


  • Favourite event: It’s a toss up between the GBK opening and The Gin Festival. But probably GBK. I mean… burgers right?

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It may sound dramatic, but this blog has helped us in so many ways. If it wasn’t for Jess & Josh Cook I wouldn’t have found Brighton Girl Mag and meet Pippa, who gave me a job where I currently work after being made redundant at the beginning of this year. I also wouldn’t have met some people I know call close friends. You know who you are!

Josh has also changed in a lot of ways on this journey. A couple of years ago he wouldn’t even eat a tomato, now he loves all kinds of foods and challenges himself to try things he used to hate. He’s also come along in leaps and bounds as a chef. A guy who used to just eat ready meals or cook up one batch of bolognese to last a week now develops recipes from scratch using fresh ingredients.

So, if you’re a follower of ours, read our blog or have just found us. We just wanna say a big thanks for all your support! We love this blog and are hoping for an even better second year.