Jess & Josh Cook head to Brighton Gin Festival

Jess & Josh Cook head to Brighton Gin Festival

When we were invited to the Gin Festival in Brighton last week I jumped at the chance. Josh on the other hand, didn’t so much. He’s not a big fan of gin so this isn’t his ideal event, but I love it so he was dragged along to see if I could change his mind. Much like our evening at the Olive It! event.

Rain pouring, we grabbed our umbrellas and made our way to the Clarendon Centre for an evening of gin tasting. Upon arrival we were greeted with a press badge and a bag full of goodies. Plus a massive Gin Festival glass each to refill all evening.

crowd at gin festivalphoto-04-11-2016-19-56-38

Josh, as a non gin drinker, was surprised at how busy it was. The Gin Festival in Brighton had been sold out for weeks and I know other locations have been selling fast too. Gin is fast becoming one of the most popular drinks around and it’s no longer just your Grandma that drinks it! The Gin Festival brings together all ages and genders to do one thing: drink gin.

The gins had been split by region with an entire wall for local gins. That was were we ordered our first drink. As Josh doesn’t like gin I thought Pinkster would be a good choice as it’s less bitter than most gins. Sadly, it was not a hit. However, I loved it and ended up drinking two big glasses. Drunk Jess was well on her way.

pinkster gingin explorer boxphoto-04-11-2016-20-04-41masterclass gin

We took some time to chill out on some big comfy seats and watched the crowds pour in. We noticed there were some gin masterclasses going on but we’d just missed two of them and we were too hungry to wait for the Brockmans masterclass. Damn.

After my two glasses of Pinkster gin I went on the hunt for the cocktails. One of the only downsides to the event is the price of the drinks. We were (gratefully) gifted 4 tokens for drinks to share between us, but normally a token would cost you £5 and one token gets you one drink. Unless you want a cocktail which is two tokens. Eeek.

gin festival cocktail menuphoto-04-11-2016-20-32-04

The cocktails were definitely the highlight of the evening for us. We only had one token left so we shared it, which was probably a good idea as I’d had few shots of Brockmans gin earlier in the evening… I was getting rather tipsy!

We went for the Rhubarb Rumble which tasted exactly like a rhubarb and custard sweet. They even give you one to suck on afterwards. Rhubarb and ginger gin liquor with advocaat, apple juice and lemon it was sweet, but not too sweet and really tasty. I couldn’t detect any alcohol which could be lethal.

Stumbling home, ravenous after not eating all day, we chatted about how good the event was. We only wished there was a live band playing, as whilst we were there it was set up but nobody was playing.

The Gin Festival definitely created a buzz around Brighton, with many people missing out on tickets I’m sure future events will be sold out even sooner.

We were invited to review the Gin Festival for free however all views and opinions are our own.