Review: Sukhothai Palace, Brighton

We’ve ordered takeaways from Sukhothai Palace a few times, which is unusual for us as we never usually eat in the same place twice. We’ve never been disappointed with the food there so when we had cause to celebrate we decided to head down to their restaurant on Middle Street.

The interior is cute and intimate, with candles on every table and deep reds and dark woods giving the restaurant a cozy vibe. Being a Thursday evening it wasn’t very busy, with only two other tables in there whilst we were, so we were seated wherever we wanted. Service was prompt and we soon had our drinks, with our starter on the way.

mixed starter sukhothai palace

We decided to go for a sharing starter, simply named “mixed starter”, for £10.95. Consisting of fish cakes, chicken satay, goong sarong, wonton parcel and prawn toast. The chicken was juicy and tender chicken and came with a flavoursome satay sauce. I’m not usually a fan of prawn toast but I loved this one. Goong Sarong is deep fried prawns wrapped in Vermicelli, which we found ourselves dipping in the leftover satay sauce.

The only thing we weren’t fond of were the wonton parcels, but we’d happily order the starter again and just leave those to the side.

pad thai sukhothai palace

For the first time since dating we both ordered the same main meal (*gasps*). We always like to get something different so we can try out more of the menu. However we were both craving Pad Thai that night. We went for chicken & prawn, although we were actually brought just chicken. We believed this must have been a miscommunication we stuck with our chicken Pad Thai’s. Despite the missing prawns both dishes were still seriously good. We’ve tried to replicate it many times and never quite nailed it.

The Verdict

Although the service is prompt, it’s not particularly warm or inviting, at least it wasn’t on our visit. So although we really enjoyed our evening at Sukhothai Palace we’ll probably stick to ordering it from our sofa.