Product Review: Abakus Hickory Nuts

Product Review: Abakus Hickory Nuts

A few weeks ago a small parcel popped its way through out letter box, the content was a bag of Abakus Hickory nuts. Never heard of them? Don’t worry, we hadn’t either. It turns out Hickory nuts have never been commercialised before but Abakus have recently brought them to your supermarket shelves in London and Brighton.

What’s a Hickory Nut?

Hickory nuts come from (you guessed it) the Hickory tree which you can find in China, India, Canada, Mexico and the US.

How do they taste?

We’ve never tasted anything quite like these. They’re very moreish and it took us a few tries to decide whether we liked them or not, but then after demolishing half the bag realised we most definitely do.

They have the texture of small pieces of toasted pecan and the colouring too. They’re crunchy, like small pieces of granola and they leave you with a sweet aftertaste, which reminded us of cranberries. They’re truly unique!

Why should you eat them?

To start with they’re vegan, gluten free & dairy free so they’re suitable for everybody. They’re also packed full with minerals, vitamins and good fats so perfect for your afternoon snack. They’re a source of Thiamine which helps support brain function and manganese to help maintain strong bones.

Have you ever tried Hickory Nuts? Let us know!

*Abakus sent us a sample to review but all views and opinions are our own*