Review: BeFries, Brighton

Review: BeFries, Brighton

Fellow foodie blogger/lover Tom from Food, Booze & Reviews recommended we try BeFries after our trip to Wafflemeister last month and needless to say we headed straight down there the next chance we could. We decided to go for dinner before heading to the cinema a few weeks ago and we fell in love with the place. The owners very kindly invited us back to try everything they had to offer, so I have to warn you, this post will make you hungry.

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BeFries is a family run business, with brothers Chan and Dash running the whole show. Growing up in the Netherlands there’s a Belgian chippy on every corner, however they’d never found anything like it in the UK. So they set up their own!

Before visiting you’d be forgiven for underestimating them. Chips? Sauces? Is that it? Yes. But that’s really all it needs to be to wow you. They’ve taken something very simple and made it delicious, and I know it sounds like I’m sucking up to them, but really guys, it’s that good.

The potatoes are carefully selected from local UK farmers to ensure freshness. Once peeled they then cut them to the ideal size for double frying and for their first fry they’re cooked at a low temperature in a round basketless fryer so they can move around freely. Once completely dried they go in for their second fry at a much higher temperature, this leaves you with fluffy chips which are crispy on the outside and not at all greasy. They’re seriously the best chips ever, people even go in there with buckets to take them home for dinner (we’ve been close to doing the same).

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We started the chip feast off with one of their specials, which is a classic back in the Netherlands. Chips covered with satay sauce, dutch mayo & onion bits. It’s a great combo and you can see why it’s such a popular choice!

Vegan Sauces

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We then moved on to their range of vegan sauces, which is one of the very many things I love about BeFries. I’m not a vegan myself but it’s great to see them being so inclusive. Their oil is also MSG free btw.

We tried their tofu sauce which is very strange but it’s not bad, I can’t put my finger on it. I did find myself going back to it a few times and couldn’t make my mind up about it. Could be to do with the fact that we’ve never tried tofu before.

Along with their vegan range we tried spicy tomato, chilli ketchup and satay sauce. The satay sauce obviously made it into both of our top 5 sauces.

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Homemade Sauces

Next we had their own made sauces (they also import some which we’ll get on to later) and this range definitely held most of our favourites.

They have Belgian and Dutch mayo on offer and we all agreed that the Belgian mayo is a bit of a winner in this competition, it’s got a little more tang to it. A new sauce being tried out on the menu was the dill & gherkin which also made it into our top faves, I was conflicted about this because I don’t like gherkins but I really liked the sauce. Maybe I do like gherkins?! Self discovery occurs at BeFries.

My favourite was the sweet chilli mayo which tasted exactly how is sounds. Green peppercorn was also popular, as was the garlic mayo. I mean, we add garlic to everything so of course that was gonna be a winner.

Can you tell we found it hard to pick a favourite? Let’s move on to the imported sauces before I abandon writing this post and go order some chips.

Imported Sauces

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Heinz ketchup had to make an appearance, obviously. A twist on the classic ketchup was a curry ketchup which we weren’t too keen on. However, their Joppie sauce – back by popular demand – really hits the spot, it’s a lightly curried sweet onion sauce. They were also testing a cheese sauce as they’ve had a lot of request for cheesy chips! I really liked it, it’s made with cheddar and red Leicester and although I liked it, Josh didn’t.

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As you can see, we were well and truly spoilt and we left feeling full and satisfied. Albeit a tad unhealthy after all those chips!

I hope we’ve convinced you to pop down, they’re located on West Street and you’ll be surprised at how good chips and sauce can really be.

*We were given a free meal to review on our blog but all views, opinions and sauce obsessions are our own*