Review: Billie’s Breakfast, Brighton

Review: Billie’s Breakfast, Brighton

Our breakfast series is coming to an end, after this one we have one more review for you and then we’re giving up. We think we’ve found our favourite but there’s a couple more places we need to tell you about and today we’re talking about Billie’s.

We’ve tried to visit Billie’s before but we timed it badly and the queue was out the door as it’s quite popular in Brighton. Not wanting to queue is what led us to The Garden Cafe, it’s safe to say we wish we had waited for Billie’s.


We visited on a Thursday morning around 10am on a day we were both off work and the place was pretty empty and to our delight we were seated straight away. The cafe doesn’t have much space so it can fill up pretty quickly and by the time we were leaving a few more tables had filled up.

We quickly ordered a couple of OJ’s and our breakfast. I went for the vegetarian hash and Josh had the full English. You can see by the photos that the portion sizes are enormous!

Billie’s Breakfast


Veggie Farmhouse hash – £8.10, it doesn’t look very appetising does it? It really was good though. Veggie sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, sweetcorn & beans fried in butter with crispy hash browns and topped with cheese and a fried egg. So much food! Sadly I was feeling really poorly that morning so could barely eat any of it, but what I did eat was good! Although I would have seasoned it a little more personally.


The Jumbo All Day Breakfast came in at £7.75 which I think is quite reasonable considering the portion size. The only thing that let this breakfast down was that the sausage was quite clearly frozen and we all know the sign of a good fry up is a big saucy sausage!

The Service

One thing we did find disappointing about Billie’s was the customer service. We found it hard to catch the attention of our waitress to take our plates and to pay our bill, in the end we had to go and find her and ask to pay and our waitress wasn’t very friendly when serving us at any point during the morning. Maybe she was having a bad day or perhaps my ill looking face put her off? Either way, it put a bit of a dampener on the experience.

Do you know of anywhere else we should try for breakfast in Brighton? We’re always open to suggestions so drop us a comment letting us know!