Review: Gluten Free Baking with Delicious Alchemy

Review: Gluten Free Baking with Delicious Alchemy

Although we don’t post a whole lotta baking recipes on here, if you follow us on Twitter you would have seen me mention Josh disappearing into the kitchen at least once a week at around 11pm and rustling up some sort of cookie/cake/brownie concoction from whatever we have laying around.

That’s one of the things that’s so great about the Delicious Alchemy GF range, you don’t need to have anything other than some butter and/or an egg or two in your house in order to whip up something seriously tasty.

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We’ve been trying out some of their baking mixes* and although we don’t live a gluten free life we were interested to see if we could taste a difference.

*cat not included.

Obviously we tried the chocolate brownie mix first, do you not know us at all?! Josh has gotten a little snobby with food recently and was very sceptical that these premixes could beat measuring out all the ingredients yourself. He was wrong and he actually admits it!

We added some chocolate chips and oreos to our brownies as we had them in the kitchen and I was supposed to be bringing them along to one of our Brighton Girl Magazine editorial meetings but somebody (don’t look at me) ate them all before I could get them there.


Then one Saturday evening came along and we had no treats in the house to have whilst we watched a movie. I mean, the cheek of it! Then I remembered these packs and decided to make the cookies. You just need some butter for these ones (or a dairy alternative) but I also added some golden syrup and chocolate chips because I have apparently forgotten the diet I’m on. They took less than 5 minutes to prepare and just 12 minutes to cook and we had them with a glass of milk like a little old married couple.

We’ve got a lot of birthdays coming up in the next month so I have a feeling one of our family members will be getting a vanilla sponge cake delivered to ’em. Lucky them!


All the packs are gluten and dairy free if you use a dairy alternative in place of the butter. They are incredibly easy to make, each pack taking 15 minutes or less to prepare and bake. The end product is so tasty too! As gluten eaters we couldn’t tell the difference, and if you’re gluten free then you have to give them a go. Each pack is less £3 and they’ve got a sale on at the moment!

Post contains PR samples but all opinions and greediness are our own.