Lifestyle: 10 Posts I Loved in August | Jess & Josh Cook

Lifestyle: 10 Posts I Loved in August | Jess & Josh Cook

I’ve always wanted to do a few more lifestyle posts on this blog and when I saw Victoria’s post about the blogs she loved last month I had to jump on the bandwagon. I love seeing people spreading positive vibes and being kind so I wanted to do the same. By the way, she knows I’m stealing this idea so no hate plz.

  1. This post on her favourite movie of all time by Dorkface just totally got to me. I love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but Jemma put into words all the feels and I did get a bit emosh reading it. There are no spoilers so check it out!
  2. This post by Lima from Fashionicide made me feel all kinds of emotions and then reminded me how much of a badass she is.
  3. Okay so this wasn’t technically August but I didn’t get round to reading it at the time of posting but but Victoria’s post on how she met her boyfriend was all kinds of cute.
  4. A food blogger I wish I saw more people raving about and one of my all time faves posted a brownie recipe which I loved. Her recipes are just so much more than recipes and are obviously made with such love and care. Just read them okay.
  5. Caitlin from Through The Mirror posted her strategy for gaining more Instagram followers, which I needed a LOT of help with. I’ve been following the methods outlined in the post and it works guys!
  6. Keeping with the Instagram theme I enjoyed reading Pippa’s journey with Instagram and how she learned to love it.
  7. Imii from Nettle & Blackberry wrote about why she does and doesn’t drink and I loved how honest she was.
  8. Food & Baker had my mouth watering with their Hassleback Potatoes recipe.
  9. Jess from Half Girl Half Teacup wrote about the important issue of Child Marriage and just everybody needs to read it, okay?
  10. And finally, Sammy’s post on Brighton Girl and why it’s such a fab thing is worth a read for everybody – not just us Brighton Girls!

Let me know what your favourite posts were in August in the comments!

  • Such a lovely idea! Feel the 💛

  • Thank you so much for including us – this is such a lovely concept, will defo include this in our next Favourites next month! Thank you for sharing!

    Jessica & James

    • Jess & Josh Cook

      No worries! We are definitely going to make them at some point we just need to get round to it. They look so tasty!
      Glad you enjoyed 🙂 x