Review: Food for Friends | Jess & Josh Cook

Review: Food for Friends | Jess & Josh Cook

I wanted to take my bezzie for ezzie (lol, cringe) to a nice restaurant for her 21st birthday as for once we weren’t going out and getting wasted. I settled on Food for Friends because I’d never been there before, I’d heard good things and we’re both lovers of vegetarian food. We’ve tried too many times in the past to become vegetarians, with our last stint together ending in us drunkenly eating a chicken royale outside Burger King and then having dreams about chickens. We’re classy.

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Food for Friends was revolutionary when it first opened back in 1981, being the first restaurant in Brighton to serve only vegetarian food. My mum and dad even went there back in the day when they were veggies, so it’s pretty well known.

We started off with a couple of cocktails which were strong but not too strong to enjoy, I can’t for the life of me remember what was in them though. Soz.

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Faith went for the grilled haloumi, avocado and mango salad for £12.50, it was good but for that price we would have expected more avocado.

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I had the double baked Brighton blue cheese souffle for £13.50, and again they were super stingy with the baby potatoes it came with. The apple puree went along really nicely but I hated the waldorf salad, I’ve never had it before so it was probably just down to personal preference.

The food was of a good standard but the service was a little disappointing. Everything just seemed to take a long time. Our drinks order was taken pretty soon after sitting down but then after that everything just seemed like a struggle, with everything taking a bit too long. The service was also just average with no personal touch or effort being made to interact with us, it was 7pm on a Monday night so it’s not as though they were rushed off their feet either.

For somewhere like Food for Friends which is so well known and a little fancier than your usual dinner spot we left on an anti climax, which is a real shame!

Find Food for Friends on 17-18 Prince Albert Street, Brighton BN1 1HF


  • So disappointing!

    • Jess & Josh Cook

      I know, a real shame as it had the potential to be great!

  • Dimitri Azkov

    Poorly written review. Why mention the cocktails, including strength, when you cannot name what you had? Very unprofessional.

    • Jess & Josh Cook

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  • YUMMM! Grilled haloumi is my favourite! These photos are making me hungry! xo

    • Jess & Josh Cook

      Thanks lovely! <3

  • This is shame, walked past it a few times and even coincidered going there this month but you saved us! I think we’ll stick to the amazing ones you’ve mentioned!

    The photos are amazing though and the sound of it just MMM but services and atmosphere makes all the difference!

    Thanks for sharing! PS we voted for you guys💓 Love what you two do🙌🏽

    Jessica & James

    • Jess & Josh Cook

      I’d heard such good things but service is really important to me and can make or break an evening!
      Thanks so much guys 🙂 xx

  • thethirdplacebtn

    Ahh what a shame! I’ve been meaning to try Food for Friends for ages, will be interesting to see what service is like when I get around to it!

    • Jess & Josh Cook

      Yes I’d love to hear about it! 🙂

  • Interesting to hear your experience as I went it January (not by invitation) and had the totally opposite experience. We were served by a guy and he couldn’t have be more helpful and friendly. They even made up a dessert plate with a candle for my friend’s birthday. I also had the mango, halloumi salad and the portion was huge. Did you give them any feedback during the meal? It’s always worth telling them then and there if you’re not happy so they can put it right.