7 Days of Food & More… #5

7 Days of Food & More… #5

I’m sat on hold to Ticketmaster at the moment and have been for the last 30 minutes. Not the best way to start a Sunday morning but I’m the idiot that forgot she ordered tickets to V Festival and can’t remember where they are or where she ordered them to. This day could go from bad to worse very quickly. We shall see!



Most Brightonians are aware of Pompoko, a Japanese restaurant in the North Laine serving really good food for super cheap. On Wednesday evening I caught up with some girlfriends over a couple of bottles of wine and we ordered all of the above (top photo) for just £24!

On Saturday night Josh and I headed down to the Polygon Pop Up where Troll’s Pantry were trying out their Trolldoner for a future street food venture. We had to wait in the queue for about an hour, but it was worth the wait. They’d run out of flatbread earlier in the night so they were making each flatbread to order, so it was definitely worth the wait!

Brighton Marina are upping their game and adding more and more restaurants to the scene. I popped down with the family to try out the new Bella Italia venue and was pleasantly surprised, the food was really good and the staff were great!

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We’re getting back into our cooking groove after the move, Josh is obsessed with making parsnip mash (which if you knew him is super weird because he hates vegetables), he’s also working on a video tutorial on how to cook a perfect medium rare steak and last night we made some peach cobbler which is coming in the form of a recipe next week!

& More…

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I got some fab post this weekend, I won two prints from Sweet Allure and my Dorkface stickers came in the post and Jemma sent me a few extras too! I’m currently obsessed with my I Am Very Busy planner from Ban.do so the stickers are helping me decorate it.

I’m slowly falling in love with going to the gym. I’ve started going with my sister so I can lose a few pounds (lol, stone) before we go to my mums wedding in Mallorca in a couple of months. I saw the quote above and loved it!

And let’s not forget about the Olympics. I’m hooked but Josh isn’t too bothered. HOW can you not be bothered? I don’t get it. This morning I had a little cry over Mo Farah winning gold. I just love it.

Right, we’re off to shove a Camembert in some tiger bread and make it all melty. Enjoy your Sunday!