Review: The Garden Cafe | Jess & Josh Cook

Review: The Garden Cafe | Jess & Josh Cook

Today I’m bringing you another post from our ‘let’s find the best breakfast in Brighton’ series. It’s gonna be short one because to be honest, there wasn’t much to say about The Garden Cafe. Doesn’t bode well does it?

The Garden Cafe is situated in the middle of St Ann’s Well Garden, a big park less than 5 minutes away from our house. We headed down midday on a Saturday after deciding not to queue at one of the better breakfast places up the street, how I wish we’d been less lazy now.

There being lots of seating available should have rang alarm bells. But the reviews online rated it 4.4 stars out of 5 so, who were we to judge?

Josh ordered a full English and I went for the vegetarian breakfast. Josh being the weirdo he is had his brekkie with a coke and I went for the usual, a latte. The coffee was alright, not terrible but nothing to write home about either.

Our food came out way too quickly which wasn’t a good sign. Josh’s bacon wasn’t crispy, the egg was burnt and the beans were cold. The only good thing about his breakfast was the sausage. Sad times.

My vegetarian breakfast came with mushrooms that were raw, gross. Beans that were cold. Bland scrambled eggs that made me wanna gag a little every time I took a bite and a sweetcorn fritter that was tasteless, with the texture of cardboard.

We were not happy bunnies. The bill came to £20, which is pretty steep considering the much nicer breakfasts we’ve been having recently for cheaper.

So yeah, basically, we’ll never go back and wouldn’t recommend you head down their either.

Gosh, it’s been a while since a bad one hasn’t it?

  • Tania

    Eeek! That doesn’t sound too good and how expensive?! I’d cringe if the bill came to that price and the breakfast was crap. What a shame!

    Tania | teabee x

  • Eeeek! That sounds awful and how expensive?! Such a shame because the breakfast from the photo’s doesn’t look bad! Hopefully you don’t have another bad experience for a while?! Ps. I’d totally cringe if I got a breakfast bill for that much!

    Tania | teabee x

    • Jess & Josh Cook

      I know, it was such a shame! A good breakfast can make your day so to have a bad one is a bit disappointing x

  • Ohh no! What a shame, and quite pricey too!!

    • Jess & Josh Cook

      I know, was really gutted as we were on such a streak and we would have become regulars if it had been good. I think they must have just rushed the order :/

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