Guest Post: Food & Baker

Guest Post: Food & Baker

We’re kicking this month off with another guest post, this time from fellow foodie couple Jessica and James! We’re not very common so we love hearing about how other couples run their blogs and just generally having a nosy into their lives. Without further or do.. Food & Baker!

What made you start a blog? and tell us a little about yourselves.

We are Jessica Bautista and James Baker, we are a couple blog, mostly food & lifestyle, along with a touch of travel, at

Jessica & James

Our blog originally started as a visual diary for Jessica, hence why Baker is only in the name and as she quotes ‘food always comes first’.
Eventually, it started forming like more of a blog, with details and context, than just pictures and descriptions – so, it only made sense for James to get involved, and now just over a year of proper blogging, we are what we are today!
We have been together for nearly 2 years, some may say we are the most opposite pair, but you know how the saying goes – “opposites attract” – but there is one thing we have in common, which is the love for food!


How does it work as a couple? Do you split tasks or both do your own thing?

Since moving in with each other, we’ve changed our theme and contents of the blog slightly – we now have main posts every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, which James does Tuesdays posts, Jessica does Thursdays posts and we alternate Sundays posts, all of our day to day food posts usually depends on who wants to do it or gets to it first (it is usually James), as I, Jessica mostly take care of the social media (Twitter & Instagram) – which seems fair right?
In regards to our YouTube channel, Jessica edits the Challenge videos and James edits the Weekly Vlogs!
So, overall, I say it’s pretty 50/50.
What are your favourite posts to write?
I wouldn’t say it’s our favourite but you’d be surprised to know that we find writing our lifestyle posts easier, as you can imagine it flows more and more straight forward, than writing about the details of food, but nevertheless we enjoy doing all posts – or else we wouldn’t be doing it right 😉
Tell us 3 random facts about yourselves!
1. We are two years apart in age, Jessica being older – James, 20, Jessica, 22
2. Jessica has 5 tattoos and has had 7 piercings, while James has none
3. We’re too cool for a ‘secret handshake’ we belly clap instead *fatties for life* :’)
Are you more of a sweet or savoury person?
We are big fans of having dessert, no matter how full you are ‘there is always room for dessert’ but if it had to come down to a day to day basis – we’d both say savoury! Can’t deny that big hearty meal and endless packets of crisps! (or we could say both, recently found the love of both flavours in Chicken & Waffles)
If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
If you follow our blog, you should already know the love Jessica has for POTATOES – mashed potato, sweet potato, chips, crisps – you name it, she loves it!! For James, it has to be Fish Pie – would that be cheating if we shared and put both our dishes together? Mmmm.
Food&Baker Logo
Thank you so much Jess and Josh, we are are very honoured to have had this opportunity to Guest blog for you both!
Interested in guest posting for us? Drop us an email at – Everyone’s welcome!