7 Days of Food & More… #3

7 Days of Food & More… #3

I’m writing this after just getting back from another great breakfast out. This morning we headed to Bill’s for a celebration brunch as Josh’s step dad has just been promoted to Assistant Chief Constable for Surrey and Sussex.

We have no plans for the rest of the day (except finishing of the penultimate season of Desperate Housewives) and that suits me just fine. Lazy Sunday’s are my favourite.


We were sent a pot of Kimchi to review a couple of weeks back and this week we finally made buffalo chicken kimchi burgers with it. If I’m honest, I was scared to try it because fermented cabbage just doesn’t sound appetising does it? We’ll be posting the recipe this week so you can find out if we liked it or not!

I tried out a new cafe with my mum this week to do some hen party planning. We both really liked it, the interior is very instagrammable and the food is cooked fresh each day. We both opted for the tortilla with salad and it was good! Definitely a go to if you’re down London Road way.

We were invited down to GBKs new venue at Brighton Marina on Thursday evening and totally gorged ourselves on burgers and milkshakes. Full review up soon so watch this space!

Friday evening some Brighton Girls and I headed down to the Polygon Pop Up and some of us were brave enough to try the Octodog pictured above. Sounds weird, tasted good! The texture was pretty much the same as sausage and you could mostly just taste the spicy sauce that came with it.

Last of all, we headed to Archipalegos for our date night on Saturday. We’ve been hearing loads of great things about it and every time we walk past its packed out so we were dying to try it. Again, watch this space for our full review!

& More…

Not much else has been happening with us this week as we’ve been eating out most of the week!

Thankfully it was pay day so we’ve been planning how we’re going to decorate our new house and we are finally completely unpacked! It only took 2 weeks…

What have you guys been up to this week? Let us know in the comments!