Review: Harrisons Of Hove | Jess & Josh Cook

Review: Harrisons Of Hove | Jess & Josh Cook

The hunt for the best breakfast continues with Harrisons of Hove, a little place tucked away just 10 minutes walk from our new house, and so far it’s at the top of our list.

We headed down on a Saturday afternoon, expecting a little bit of a wait to be seated, but managed to get sat down straight away. This is when Josh decided to download Pokemon Go as he hadn’t done so yet and sparked a conversation with the guy on the table next to us about where to find the rarest Pokemons in the city.

The menu appeals to us so much because you can create your own breakfast. In Brighton – and I’m sure most other places – breakfasts featuring avocado are becoming a common occurrence and as neither of us like it we struggle to find something we want to eat. Most often than not, we just want a greasy fry up and this is the place for it!


We both created our own breakfasts from their menu, and it probably works out cheaper than ordering the full English. I had bubble & squeak, hash brown, sausage, beans & a fried egg with toast (out of shot). I probably wouldn’t triple carb up next time I go back, I totally didn’t realise I’d done it until it arrived but I loved being able to cater for my own weird breakfast cravings.


Josh had sausage, bacon, mushrooms, hash brown, egg & fried bread. Ever since watching the Masterchef challenge where Gordon Ramsey made the contestants cook perfect fried eggs it’s always the first thing we check when ordering breakfast. Perfectly cooked! Not burnt at all and the yolk still runny. The rest of the breakfast lived up to the egg, with the bacon just crisp enough and a juicy sausage.

Once we’ve done a round of all the breakfast places in Hove, Harrisons will be the first place we head back to. I wanted to go back last weekend and after the disappointing breakfast we ended up having, I wish we had! But more on that next week…

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