7 Days of Food & More… #2

7 Days of Food & More… #2

This past week has flown by in a blur but pay day week is finally approaching and we’re looking forward to decorating our new house with our wages!


We had the pleasure of attending the Burger Feast event put on by Yelp Brighton at No 32 on Duke Street earlier this week.

We were pleasantly surprised, being known as more of a bar/club than a place to go for dinner we weren’t expecting much but we were happy to be proved wrong.

We started off with milkshakes, Josh had vanilla and I had banana, which were on the small side and Josh’s could have used more flavour but both were good nonetheless.

Josh chose the No 32 Classic Burger which came with Monterey Jack cheese & bacon – cooked perfectly with pink in the middle beef. I had the chicken burger which was moist and not dry (victory!) with cheese & jerk sauce.

Definitely worth a visit next time you’re looking for a good burger.

You might remember me talking about Brighton Girl on here before. We had our first editorial meeting for the soon-to-be magazine aimed at girls in their 20s who are trying to find their way in life. It was so inspiring to be surrounded by like minded women, and if you haven’t followed Brighton Girl on their socials medias yet, do it now!

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The Jess & Josh Kitchen 

Chicken & leek pie is a favourite of ours so we had a go at making mini pies this weekend, we didn’t really have enough pastry so we need to give them another go but this will hopefully be a recipe we post in the next few weeks.

The highlight has been eating the cheesecake we made last weekend and it’s lasted a while – Josh scoffed most of it!

I’ve been loving making my own falafel for my packed lunches, it’s so quick and easy! 

What we’ve been loving… 

Im not a fan of the sun/heat but it has been welcomed this week. We went to our first BBQ of the year and spent the weekend Pokemon hunting down the seafront. Brighton is the best place to be in the summer!

How’s your week been? Let us know in the comments! 

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