7 Days of Food & More… #1

7 Days of Food & More… #1

One of my favourite posts to write are the weekly catch ups of what we’ve been up to and I used to post one every Sunday but after a bit of a rough month back in April I stopped doing them. In an effort to make sure I’m posting more regularly, I’m bringing it back with our ‘7 Days of Food & More’ series where I’ll be catching you up on all the food we’ve eaten and generally what we’ve been up to during the week.



We’ve moved house! It’s been a very long and hectic week, which wasn’t helped by me heading out every day after work to the pub to avoid heading home to all the unpacking we have to do, but we are finally in a new place.

I will really miss our old house, it was big and modern and it was the first house I ever lived in with a boy but alas, living in the city became too expensive so we had to downsize.

We’ve gone from living in a basement flat to living on the 6th floor which we really didn’t think through when we were lugging furniture upstairs on the hottest day of the year, and although it’s “compact” as Josh’s mum said about 10 times when she came to see it, it’s cheaper and we actually get natural light now for photos!

The Jess & Josh Kitchen

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We hadn’t been as well organised as I would have liked and ended up leaving half of our kitchen stuff back at the old house until the weekend. So our weeknight dinners weren’t too extravagant (pasta being a common occurrence) but come the weekend we went all out and made what will soon become a staple: mustard and maple syrup glazed chicken. We nicked the recipe from James Martin so you can have a peek here.

We were sent 8 bars of Mr. Tom‘s peanut bars to get creative in the kitchen with. We opted for a baked cheesecake and the recipe will be going up on here on Wednesday so keep an eye out if you like that kinda thing!

We’re Loving… 


Breakfast!! Or I guess as we’re always eating it post 12pm it would be brunch? We used to go out for brunch every weekend but just kinda stopped, for no real reason, but now we’re living in a slightly different area we’re enjoying finding new places to eat. We’ve tried V & H Cafe and pictured above is Harrisons of Hove with a review coming soon!


Having natural light to take photos in. It makes such a difference and it’s so nice to not have to walk all round the house to find a spot of light because you live in a basement which is permanently dim. Follow us on Instagram for a constant stream of photos whilst I bask in the novelty of daylight.


Drinks in the sun. I’m not a lover of the heat, I never have been even when I was living in Spain. However, there’s something about sitting al fresco in the sun that makes me wanna drink cocktails. Above are a couple of Margaritas we had at Wahaca at the weekend.


And, of course, Pokemon Go! I actually never watched or played Pokemon when I was younger so I don’t know any of their names and didn’t think I’d get into it. I was wrong. It really doesn’t matter if I don’t know what that big yellow thing with the penis shaped nose is on my street, I wanna catch that bugger.

How’s your week been? I hope you’ve enjoyed catching up with us!