Cooking with Olives | Jess & Josh Cook

Cooking with Olives | Jess & Josh Cook

Do you like olives? Does the thought of eating olives gross you out or are you one of those people that could eat an entire jar of olives in one sitting? Before our Olive It! cooking class with Omer Allibhoy this week, we would have been firmly in the ‘no get those away from me’ camp. Although we’re not quite at the stage where we’d eat jars at a time, I would definitely say we’ve been converted.


Hosted by the lovely ladies Lizzie and Lucy from Storm Communications, we arrived for our evening of cooking at Brighton Cookery School and were greeted with a lot of wine. As neither of us liked olives, I had actually kept that aspect of the evening a secret to Josh because I knew he wouldn’t come otherwise, but the bowls full of olives and cookbooks lying around soon gave it away.


We were first given a little lesson from Omer about olives, like did you know that Spain produce 50% of all your store bought olives? That an olive only has around 5 calories? That no matter what colour olive you’re eating, they all come from the same tree? (Drink every time I say olives).

Omer then gave us a demo of how to make an olive dessert. Yes, you’re reading that correctly, a dessert made with olives. Candied cherries and black olives with a goats cheese custard – it was rich, decadent and surprisingly delicious.


Then it was our go at making some olive recipes, we had three on the menu for the evening: 2 marinated olive dishes and an olive salad with Romesco dressing. We started off by roasting the garlic and peppers for our dressing and then moved on to the olive marinades.


For the green olives we made an oregano and cayenne pepper marinade and for the black olives we made a ginger, cinnamon and cardamon marinade. My favourite was the green olive but Josh’s was the black – it did smell just like Christmas.

We then moved on to making the salad and Romesco dressing, all while having our wine glasses topped up throughout the evening.


Into the food processor went our roasted garlic and pepper, with some toasted bread and hazelnuts and half a bottle of olive oil and a glug of sherry vinegar.


We added anchovies and tuna to the salad and topped it with black olives and the dressing. It was amazing! We all took our food downstairs where the dining area had been set up for us with more wine and goody bags!

Unfortunately, my camera died at this point so I couldn’t get any snaps. But after eating our mains we were brought down the dessert from earlier and polished that off too.

The main idea of the evening was to get more people to start eating olives – and it definitely worked! Having spoken to people beforehand and afterwards, we definitely weren’t the only converts with most people liking at least 1 new type of olive.

If you wanna get your hands on a copy of the Olive It! cookbook, head over to our Twitter for your chance to win 1 of 5 copies.

Thanks to Storm Communications, who invited us to the evening, but as always all opinions are our own.