Review: The Spring Oven | Jess & Josh Cook

Review: The Spring Oven | Jess & Josh Cook

A couple of weeks ago Josh came home telling me he worked with a guy who had designed and created something called The Spring Oven. You’re forgiven if you haven’t heard of it before, because I hadn’t either, but we’re here to tell you all about it.


Photo credit: Patrick Kendal

The Spring Oven is a terracotta ovenware product, which is designed for you to bake bread by steaming in the oven. It started off as a university project to encourage healthy eating and has now evolved into it’s current design, with a kickstarter launching next week on the 27th of June!

So, why steam bread? The steam delays the formation of a crust so you can get more time to develop spring and volume in the bread.


How did we get along with it? First of all, it was incredibly easy to use. You simply make your dough, pop it in the middle of the pot with your water surrounding it (kinda like a cute little moat), put the lid on and put it in the oven.

I’m also a little bit in love with the design, growing up in Spain the terracotta takes me right back and makes me feel a little nostalgic! It’s so unique, I definitely haven’t seen anything like it on the market. Happy to be proved wrong in the comments though!

If, like us, you like supporting small businesses you should go and give The Spring Oven a like/follow on their social media profiles and if you’re Brighton based you should head over to the Kickstarter event on the 27th of June!


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