A trip to Paris | Jess & Josh Cook

A trip to Paris | Jess & Josh Cook

I’ve got the holiday blues badly, so much so that I didn’t even wanna write this post because it meant looking through the photos and remembering that I’m here and not there. Get the violin out guys.

My birthday present from Josh was a short trip away to anywhere I wanted to go. I could have been mean and chosen somewhere ridiculously expensive but I decided on Paris and it was perfect. 2016 has been a total bitch of a year so far so this trip was desperately needed!

We arrived around 6pm and headed straight to our hotel which was 10 minutes away from the Eurostar and checked in. Our room was super cute, the bed was massive and comfy and our TV showed Greys Anatomy in English which, being an obsessive Greys fan, pleased me.

We got changed and headed straight back out to explore Paris. Our hotel was around 45 minutes walk from the city centre which we didn’t mind as we got to see a fair bit on our way to town.

Our first stop was Notre-Dame and we manged to get inside and listen to some hymns being sung which was beautiful. We took all the typical tourist photos and then sat down at a bar right outside the Cathedral but being naive tourists, we didn’t realise this would mean spending 12 euros on a can of coke!

It was starting to get late so we headed back to our hotel to get changed before heading out to dinner. Unfortunately we didn’t realise the restaurant we wanted to go to closed at 10:30pm so we missed it! We ended up eating at a little place near our hotel which was pretty terrible to say the least, Josh ordered a steak and was given a mince beef patty. He wasn’t amused.

We grabbed a bottle of wine on our way back to our room and settled in for the evening, preparing ourselves for our main day in the city tomorrow.

The next morning we headed straight to Rue Montorguel Market for a wander and found a little cafe to have some breakfast at. The weather was gorgeous so we sat outside and ate our pan au chocolat with some OJ and a hot chocolate.

Our next stop was the Louvre Museum. Neither of us are art geeks but we felt it was a must see whilst we were here and it was definitely worth the visit! Another reason against Brexit: free entry for 16-25 year olds from the EU!

We did see the Mona Lisa, just so we could see it, but it really didn’t interest us that much. What both of us loved were the gorgeously enormous statues and being able to see Napoleon III’s apartments, exactly how they were when he lived there. Josh was also a little obsessed with anything that looked slightly evil.

After a tiresome 3.5 hours walking around we decided to go and grab some lunch, but not before Josh got a photo with “that thing from the Da Vinci code”. We wandered in the general direction of the Eiffel Tower as that was next on our list.

Sadly we were unable to get into Champ de Mars to get any good photos with the Eiffel Tower because it was cordoned off in preparation for the Euros 2016 opening. Bloody football! So it was time to head back towards our hotel to get ready for dinner in the evening.


If you go on Tripadvisor and put in ‘best french restaurant in Paris’ Le Petit Chatelet comes up so we were dying to try it. Located opposite Notre-Dame Cathedral we were prepared for it to be too busy for us to get a table and for it to be ridiculously expensive. To our surprise, we were seated in 10 minutes and our meal was much cheaper than anticipated. We sat outside and enjoyed the weather as the sun went down.

We shared a starter of Escargot with mushrooms in a white wine sauce, encased in pastry. The description sells it and it really was delicious. The perfect introduction to somebody that hasn’t eaten snails before (they taste just like mushrooms).

I had the Confit de Conard (duck leg) for my main and Josh went for a steak with dauphinoise potatoes. My duck was incredibly tender and literally fell off the bone and Josh’s steak was a little tough but tasty all the same.

I’ve never had a Creme Brulee before so I obviously needed to try one before leaving France, it lived up to my expectations!

We then headed back to our hotel, feeling sad that in the morning we had to check out of our hotel and jump on the Eurostar back to the UK. I very nearly didn’t get on, one more day was definitely needed!

Have you been to Paris? What are your favourite things to do there? Let us know!