Too Good To Go, Brighton | Jess & Josh Cook

Too Good To Go, Brighton | Jess & Josh Cook

Have you heard of a little app called Too Good to Go? No? Well have no fear, we’re gonna tell you all about it…


Too Good To Go have a simple yet heart warming goal, to reduce food waste in the restaurant industry whilst increasing sustainability and making restaurant eating more accessible to a wider audience.

With a motto of ‘Too Good to Go, Better in Bellies’ they’ve now launched in Brighton and what a great place for it!

On Tuesday evening a small group of us met up in one of their Brighton locations (Moshimo) a day ahead of the launch to talk some more about the app and get a real feel of what’s to come. We sat down with Harry who’s managing the Brighton launch and he told us a little more about their goals and how the app works.


The app is simple to use, you simply log in, click on your desired restaurant, check to see if they have any portions left (green means they do, red means they don’t) and buy your box of food. All you have to do then is head down to the venue during the collection time and pick up your box, which is also recyclable. All at a seriously discounted price!


At the moment, you cannot choose specifically what you’ll be given from your chosen restaurant, which if you have allergies isn’t ideal. However, we’re reassured this is a work in progress. But if like us, you’re adventurous eaters and will eat anything, the surprise is actually an added bonus! Your own mystery box of cheap and sustainable food.


They also have a pay it forward scheme which I just love, so if you feel like doing a good deed one evening but are too lazy to leave the house, simply log on to the app and buy a meal for a homeless person.


The idea started out in Denmark with over 250 restaurants involved and over 150,000 users, so the goal is to replicate that success in the UK!

We’ll definitely be using their app more and more, especially as they’ve got a couple of our favourite restaurants on there. You can download the app on the App Store and the Play Store, so what are you waiting for?

*Our box of sushi was paid for by Too Good To Go, but as always, all opinions are our own*