May May May | Jess & Josh Cook

May May May | Jess & Josh Cook

May has been, albeit a little tight on the money front, a much better month than the last. We’ve eaten out loads more than we should have, we’re back into blogging and the weather has been nice enough to head down to the seafront a couple of times. So here’s what we’ve been up to this past month…

What We’ve Been¬†Cooking


Vegetarianism didn’t play as big of a part in our cooking as it did last month as we started cooking a few more meaty dishes like the chicken burger and pork stir fry pictured above. However, we did make some amazing vegetarian burritos using breaded mushrooms as a meat substitute which we will definitely be doing again.


Pancakes and fry ups were the theme of our weekend breakfasts throughout the month and we did a little baking for the first time since my birthday as Josh whipped up some lemon and blueberry cupcakes. 

Where We’ve Been Eating

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A month full of eating out and trying a lot of different places. Some new additions to Brighton with Wahaca featuring the best and worst tacos we’ve ever eaten and Franco Manca with some cracking pizzas. We also tried out some places we never would have thought to try! There was the unfortunate visit to Dos Sombreros and the pleasantly surprising visit to The Tempest down the seafront (thanks to Wriggle!). Last of all was The Urchin which we’ve been dying to try and are definitely going back to visit soon!

What We’ve Been Watching


I’ve FINALLY got around to watching Game of Thrones and I am totally hooked. Geoffrey died in the last episode I watched and I am so so happy! I talk about it every second I get and I can’t believe I didn’t start watching it sooner.

We’re re watching Person of Interest (if you haven’t seen it, watch it now). I’m forcing Desperate Housewives on the telly as much as I can, much to Josh’s despair. And, of course, we’ve watched another season of Hell’s Kitchen.

What We’ve Been Doing

  • We booked a trip to Paris! We’re going from the 8th-10th of June and I’m so excited, especially as we’re going by Eurostar so I don’t have to worry about flying.
  • It was my brothers birthday so most of the family headed down to Bowlplex and spent the afternoon bowling, drinking, eating and playing arcade games. I’m ashamed to say that Josh destroyed me on the dance mat!
  • To celebrate hitting our quarterly sales target I went out with my work colleagues and got embarrassingly drunk. So much so that I blacked out, threw up on my way home and in bed and then was hungover for the next 5 days. Shameful.
  • We also headed down to the Brighton and Hove Food Festival at the weekend but it didn’t compare at all to the Foodies Festival.

That’s mostly it! I’m super excited for a full on June of blogging and travelling. How has your month been? Let us know in the comments!